59 58. CP9

Jon call the crew and told them the situation. They are at the hotel that Luffy said they will stay tonight. Jon himself will stay here to guard Iceburg. He don't know if the CP9 will come again and bring Robin.

"Hey uncle, i will stay here with you in case they come again. I need to take our crew member back again afterall."-Jon

"Thank you for that. Can i ask something? Why would she do this?"-Iceburg

"Sigh, she's just too paranoid and didn't have enough faith in us and herself. At her whole life, the place she stay always get destroyed. She always lose her friends, so maybe now she don't want to lose another friends again. But she didn't think that we also don't want to lose a friend."-Jon

"Hmm, so it's internal problem. But why they run away earlier, it's not like they can't fight you right?"-Iceburg

"Most likely because their plan has been disrupted. Their aim this night is only to frame our crew by shooting you. They plan to keep you alive and make you announce that we are the ones that try to asassinate you. But now it's useless, so they decide to leave. But they will attack again with their full power because they know we will disrupt their plan."-Jon

"So they want to remove you first because they take your crew huh?"-Iceburg

"Yeah, if the whole island chase us, we will have no time to search Robin. But after you know his face, it will be useless. So after this they will go with frontal attack."-Jon

"Frontal attack?"-Iceburg

"They will come with their full squad and really kill you. I don't know their aim, but you better hide it if it's more important than your life. But you yourself can't hide because they can always find you. They have the biggest power in the world as their backing.

The best way is to protect yourself with the strongest people. So your best choice now is us. Because even Marines will not help you. Or maybe if you have Yonko or Sichibukai as your backing then you can ask them."-Jon

"Hahaha, even if i have Yonko or Sichibukai as helper, they can't get here fast enough. Then i guess i'll ask for your help."-Iceburg

"Heeh, you're really wise old man. Now for the prize, can you build the best ship for us? For the material, how about Adam Tree?"-Jon

"A-ADAM TREE? Did you know ho rare that is?"-Iceburg

"Well, a gang in your town has stole our money to buy this Adam Tree wood. We will take it because it's our money."-Jon

"If you can't get it?"-Iceburg

"Then i will kill them even without my Captain's order. They have hurt my friend so i will not let them go easily."-Jon

Jon activate his sharingan and have a cold expression. Even if Usopp leave the crew, they're still friends. He will not let some people hurting his friends leave that easily. But he didn't see Iceburg have a conplicated face.

"So you have planned to get a free service, hahaha. Then i guess i have to prepare my best shipwrights."-Iceburg try to change the topic.

"Good, hahahaha. But let's talk about this after we finished all of this. Our crew have many problems to solve first."-Jon


Then Jon guard Iceburg the whole night, and the crew stay in the hotel. Jon know they are not in the good mood, so he told them to rest tonight.

The next day after assassination attempt, Iceburg's secretary, Kalifa didn't come to work. This make Iceburg believe what Jon say 100%.

"She's not coming."-Iceburg

"If she's still coming after the incident last night, then she's very stupid. There's no use to come working anymore when her disguise has been discovered."-Jon

"What should we do now?"-Iceburg

"My friends will come soon, so just stay here. I will try to get information about our enemy. I will find their identity in your city, so we can get them later."-Jon

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"Can i tell this to my trusted people?"-Iceburg

"If you trust them like your brothers, then go on. But be careful, we can't trust anyone right now because even your secretary is one of them."-Jon

Sometime later, the Strawhats come and also there are some other people. They're the people that Iceburg trust the most.

"This is Paulie, Peepley Lulu, and Tilestone. They're my most trusted people, so don't worry."-Iceburg

They introduced themselves and the Strawhats do it too. Jon then tell them the situation last night to them all.

"Most likely they will come again tonight, so i will stay here and guard this old man. You guys can search their location, i will also send clones. You all need to calm your mind too, especially you Luffy. So just go around the town and search Robin."-Jon

"... You're right, i need to calm my mind for now. Let's go you guys!"-Luffy

"Oi, don't forget your denden mushi!"-Jon

They all paused and Jon twitch his eyebrow.

"You forget to bring them right? Didn't i always told you to bring them anytime when you're in an island?"-Jon

They all stay silent and then walk away to their hotel. Jon just sigh and make some clones then spread them to the city. Iceburg's people also go back to their job, there's nothing they can do without information now. The best they can do is work like usual and try to find something amiss in their dock.


Jon just stay there and think about his friends. He know what happened with the duel last night. He left a clone secretly and make him hide. He saw Usopp came and bring many dials and bullets.

When the duel start, Usopp use many tricks with his bullets and dials. Luffy can end this easily if he's focused and not distracted. This is one of Luffy's weakness, he's not focused when fighting and easily got distracted.

But it didn't take long before Luffy got serious when remember Jon's word. He use his new technique that he called Gear 2 and suddenly appear in front of Usopp. His punch knock Usopp out easily.

After the duel end, Luffy decide to let Usopp take Merry and they went to hotel. Jon's clone dispelled after they leave and Jon got the information right after he explain the situation on Iceburg last night.


Now, while the crew and his clones spread out, he decide to train in weapons. He want to decide his main weapon. He buy many training weapons, but some are too flashy. He really think a shinobi weapons shouldn't be flashy.

"Hallberd, Warhammer, even Gunbai are actually not that suitable for shinobi that work by doing anything stealthily. They're too flashy, but they're powerful. I guess Naruto world's ninja is called like that because they know ninjutsu.

Their ninjutsus are flashy too, so the ninjas that do infiltration are the specialized ones. But those flashy ones are needed in direct confrontation. So i guess i need something for stealth and another for direct confrontation."-Jon

Jon has think about this since he watch Naruto in his past life. The shinobi there didn't look like shinobi from real life. Well, it's not real life so he shouldn't expect that. That's why he didn't care anymore about flashy weapons now.

He will use the flashy or big one for frontal combat, and maybe small one for sneak attack. Who cares about honor like samurai and not use sneak attack. He is a shinobi, not to mention a pirate now. It's his job to do sneak attack, he is trained like that.

Jon train behind Iceburg's office and leave a clone inside to warn him and buy time if there's an attack. Jon try every weapons he find in shop. For now he took a liking to chakra enhanced three bladed claw. Well, he prefer to call it Wolverine claw.

How couldn't he like it? It's a fucking Wolverine claw. It just need to be retractable and it will be perfect. It's sharp, easy to use and suitable for silent killing. Perfect weapon for stealth and fight in a room.

Some hours later, he find another suitable weapon, the Gunbai. It's more versatile than he thought it is. With a kama that connected with a chain to it's handle, he can throw it and retract it back. He can also use the kama & chain as weapon.

So it's 3 weapons at once, not to mention it can be used as shield and weapon at once. The Gunbai is very suitable for outside fight. He can also use it to fight many people like a war. So he found one for small scale and the other for big scale fight.

"Hmm, maybe i prefer Gunbai because my base power is from Madara. Wolverine claw is just because i like Wolverine? I haven't tried another weapons, but i want to be able to use them all too. Maybe i will try dagger or tanto like Jin-Woo.

But now that i look at it, my face is a little different from Jin-Woo. I have some of my old face features in me. My eyes didn't look that sharp, i have more of childish nature rather than mature like Jin-Woo after reawakening. It's more similar to before his reawakening. But man, i'm really handsome."-Jon

(a.n: I based his appearance on a fan art that i found made by artzlin. Here is the site: https://medibang.com/picture/722004160442110660000542024/ . I really like it, i hope he doesn't mind i use it, hehe. I have asked but he doesn't reply yet.)

After Jon finished his narcissistic time, he continue his training. He try the weapons once again and decide to have Gunbai and the claw. But when he look at the shop, it's really expensive. Especially Uchiha's Gunbai, the claw is affordable, but the quality is really far apart.

"Well, it's one of the best items. Not to mention the Gunbai is made from a part of spirit tree that's a rare material."-Jon

500 for claw and 2000 SP for Gunbai, not that cheap considering 500 is for an S-class ninjutsu. But those are the one with the best quality of them. It's too expensive for him now, so he look at the normal quality ones.

He only have 3165 SP after he buy Kirin and get SP on Sky Island. He still have to purchase many things afterall. Kunais, shurikens, paper bombs, scrolls, seals, his fuinjutsu tools, etc. They're cheap but he need a lot of them.

He hasn't slack off in his fuinjutsu training. He know it's importance and he actually feel challenged to learn one of the most difficult art to master in Shinobi world. But it's not called very difficult without reason, he hasn't finished his caligraphy training.

"I must cut my expenses, but how? Hmm, i always try to take back my kunais or shurikens after i throw them. But most of them break after used. Should i change... MOTHERF*CKER, i can use senbon, it's cheaper for throwing weapon. Altough it can't turn like shurikens, at least it can replace the kunais and used for straight aim. Damn, i haven't think about it before."-Jon

For now Jon decide to buy some senbon sets and he buy a good quality claw at 250 SP. He buy the good quality because he need to practice first, but also need a good weapon that will not break easily. He need to familiarized himself with the good one before holding the best one. The chakra metal in this weapon is high enough to make his chakra usage easier..

Jon trained until it get dark but the CP9 hasn't showed up yet. The crew has come back but they didn't find any clue at all. Sanji & Chopper met Robin but then she disappeared. Jon's clones try to track her but she just disappeared. The clones also didn't find any clue at all.

"I think it's because of that bar owner's devil fruit. He can make door out of nowhere, so i guess he has some kind of his own room in other dimension. It's like my storage scroll but it can facilitate living beings."-Jon

"Then what should we do?"-Nami

"Let's wait here, they will come again tonight. They have something to take afterall."-Jon

Luffy and Nami also met Franky after Jon's clone inform them. They got into a fight and with Luffy and Jon's clone, they can win even if Franky have many tricks as he is actually a Cyborg. But he could escape and he can get away from them.

"Let's not bother about Franky for now. Our priority is Robin-chan."-Sanji

Sanji is right, so now they wait for their enemy's attack. They spread on the mansion, and sometime later, the enemies suddenly appear in Iceburg's room.

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