167 166. Cacao Island

The Sunny team have succeed to run away from the chasing Big Mom pirates. Now they need to go to Cacao Island where they'll retrieve Sanji. Luffy also ask them if they're fine, and they confirm it.

Suddenly the mirrors that they tied and seal break. They hear Brulee laugh and say that Luffy won't be able to get out from the Mirror World. Now they can't leave after picking Sanji up on Cacao Island.

Jon contact his clones that he left on Totto Land. They have follow Big Mom pirates movement since the plan failed. Jon has planted them near some important figure in Big Mom pirates.

"Big Mom pirates will destroy all mirror except one in Cacao Island. They want to make sure Luffy can't get out from other place and they'll bait Big Mom there. If we want to pick Luffy up, then we need to wait on Cacao Island."-Jon

"Then we can only do it, there's no other choice."-Nami

"Did we need to land or wait on the sea?"-Brook

"You guys wait on the sea, i will clear Cacao Island."-Jon


"Don't worry, i have my own plan. Maybe this is the time i share my secret to the world."-Jon grin

They continue their way to Cacao Island. However, Big Mom pirates catch up to them after sometime. The fleet is commanded by Daifuku, and Big Mom is there too. Jon want to move, but Carrot suddenly say she will take care of Daifuku's fleet.

"Are you sure?"-Jon

"Yeah, i can't fight Big Mom, but i can fight the others. Furthermore, tonight there's a full moon."-Carrot

"What's with the full moon?"-Nami

"Don't tell me!? Can you control that form?"-Jinbe

Carrot nod, and then she climb the mast and stand on the crow's nest. Carrot take her hat and gaze at the full moon. Then a surprising thing happen, she start to transform.

"What's that?"-Brook

"!? Is that Sulong?"-Jon

"Yeah, that's right. That's mink tribe's Sulong form, that they can do at full moon night."-Jinbe

Carrot start to transform into her sulong form. She start to grow taller, and her hair & tail also grow longer. Her hair & fur turn into complete white colour, while her eyes turn into black with red pupils.

"Hmm, those eyes looks like sharingan of an edo tensei person."-Jon rub his chin

"Edo what?"-Nami

"Nothing. It seem Carrot can control her transformation, so she should be fine. Brook, get ready to pick her later, that form will exhaust her energy faster."-Jon


Carrot jump from the ship and fly to Daifuku's fleet. She use her electricity to propel herself on the water. Then she start to attack the pirates on the ships.

Carrot take down many of Daifuku's subordinates. This make Daifuku need to move and attack Carrot himself using his Genie. However, Carrot is too fast, and can avoid Daifuku's Genie's attacks, make his attacks destroyed their ships instead.

Jon see from afar, that Carrot start to get exhausted after fighting for sometime. Jon tell Brook to go, and retrieve Carrot back to Sunny. Brook can pass through the ships easily because of the chaos that happen in the fleet.

After Brook & Carrot come back, a bigger problem appear. Big Mom that has become a lot thinner and seem crazy come to them. She summon Zeus & Prometheus to her side and fly toward Sunny.


"What? We-wedding Cake? Why'd she ask us the wedding cake?"-Nami is scared

"Perospero has lied to her that we have the wedding cake. That's why she chase us because she think the wedding cake is on our ship."-Jon

"Then, if we tell her the wedding cake is not here..."-Chopper

"Do you think she will listen to any words in that state?"-Jon

"No"-Chopper get very afraid

"That's right, it's useless to talk to her. You guys focus to control the ship and protect yourself! I will hold her from destroying our ship."-Jon

They follow Jon's order, and Jon go back to the ship's rear deck.

"It seem i need to use it now. Hmm? Wait, there's no need for that."-Jon

Jon then call everyone and give his command.

"Brook, take over the steer! Jinbe, dive to the water and attack her from there! Nami, feed that stupid cloud like before! I will hold her while you guys do your task. Chopper, prepare the jet dials!"-Jon

"Are you sure?"-Nami

"I am, now hurry up, we don't have much time. This is the only strategy with high succeed probability. Jinbe, come back to the ship after we finish!"-Jon


Jon & Nami go to the rear deck, and Big Mom is already near. Jon activate his Yin Seal and his upper humanoid susanoo. Then Jon send a susanoo punch at Big Mom and she punch back.

Jon almost got fling by the impact, but he make his susanoo grab on the ship. Nami immediately feed Zeus with thunderclouds and the stupid cloud stop to eat them. Big Mom fall toward their ship, but Jinbe throw a water current at her, make her pushed back on the air.



Nami discharged Zeus forcefully and strike the lightning at Big Mom again. Jinbe also shoot Prometheus and make the miniatur sun weakened significantly.

"Go back there!"-Jon

Jon has make a full humanoid susanoo and stand on thr water. He grab Big Mom with his susanoo's right hand. Then Jon throw Big Mom that still conscious from the lightning to Daifuku's fleet, and she crash to Daifuku's ship. Prometheus & Napoleon run after her, but Zeus stay behind after get weakened.

Jinbe jump on the ship, then Jon ask Chopper to activate the jet dials. The dials blow air to the sail and push the ship fast. Franky install the dials on the mast to blow air at the sail rather than make them push the ship directly. It's easier to maintain and use less energy to push the ship because of it's size.

"It's really work."-Jinbe

"Yeah, but she's still gonna chase us to Cacao Island. It will be troublesome if she attack us on Cacao Island. There are many Big Mom pirates lead by Oven that wait there to attack us. Furthermore, Smoothie has prepared her fleet to attack us."-Jon

"Then, what should we do?"-Brook

"We'll still go to Cacao Island, it's the only choice. I also feel my clone seed on Sanji, and he keep coming closer to us. Maybe the wedding cake has been finished."-Jon

"That is a good news, with the wedding cake, Big Mom won't chase use again. But we still have Smoothie, Daifuku, and Oven's armies as problems."-Jinbe

"It's alright, i will go to destroy Oven's army. I leave the ship to you, Jinbe. I know you can defend the ship, and Sanji will come too, so he will help here. I need to secure Luffy's way after he get out from that mirror world."-Jon

"Alright, leave it to me."-Jinbe

"Okay. By the way, what are you doing with that cloud, Nami?"-Jon look at Nami that have catched Zeus

"Hmm? Make it my slave?"-Nami

"Huh?"-Jon sweatdrop at her

Nami has forced Zeus to follow her and she bait her with thunderclouds. Zeus easily agree because the thunderclouds are very tasty to him. He has been tamed like a pet by Nami.

They move to Cacao Island, and after sometime, Big Mom catch up to them. Sanji is still not near with the wedding cake, so it's really bad. Jon make Humanoid Susanoo upper body to defend the ship using it's swords.

Big Mom fly on Prometheus, and the fireball threat to burn the ship. Jon didn't listen and send an attack at Big Mom & Prometheus. Jon swing his susanoo's sword and create a flying attack. Big Mom hit the flying attack and disperse it easily.

Jon click his tongue and prepare himself to defend. But suddenly, Big Mom stopped on her track and look to other direction. Jon also turn and see Fire Tank's ship, Nostra Castello. He see a very big wedding cake on the front deck.

Sanji, Pudding & Chiffon have finished the wedding cake. Big Mom immediately chase after the cake, and Fire Tanks turn their ship to different direction with the Straw Hats. Now Big Mom will not chase the Straw Hats.

Sanji come back to the ship with Pudding and they go to Cacao Island. Jon tell Sanji the situation and his plan to clear Luffy's path. Sanji object and want to take Luffy himself, because it's his fault that the crew come into this situation.

"We are not talking about who's fault or why this happen. What we need to do now is make sure that we can get Luffy. He will be exhausted after fighting Katakuri, so we need to clear his path."-Jon

"That's why i need to go too. You want to fight that many people, so you will be exhausted and need my help to come back."-Sanji

"Fine, but go there after the battle finished. You need to protect the ship too, while Jinbe take over the steer."-Jon

After they come into agreement, Jon go to Cacao Island. Jon go there alone to not alert the waiting fleet lead by Smoothie. Jon go there by running on the water and sometime dive to avoid detection.

On Cacao Island, Big Mom pirates have gathered. They surround a big mirror that will be the only way for Luffy to get out. They also wait to attack the Straw Hats that will try to save Luffy.

"LISTEN, BIG MOM PIRATES! When Straw Hat run from his fight with Katakuri and get out from this mirror, catch him immediately! His crew will try to save him, then we will ambush & catch them. UNDERSTAND?"-Oven

"YES SIR"-Big Mom pirates

"Maybe you shouldn't talk about an ambush plan in an open place and with a loud voice. Especially when one if your enemy is hearing."-Jon

""!?""-Big Mom pirates

Everyone is surprised by Jon's sudden entrance. Jon is crouching on the mirror frame without anyone noticing. Then Jon throw a scroll and make a hand seal. He activate a small barrier to encase the mirror, and he get out from the barrier.

Jon is standing in front of thousands of Big Mom pirates alone. There are some Charlottes, even the ones that he defeated, and many soldiers & homies. Even so, Jon is standing there fearlessly, and even look excited.

Oven wake from his stuppor and attack Jon with his hot punch. Jon didn't react and 'he' explode upon being punched by Oven. It's Jon's explosive Shadow Clone that he use in Impel Down last time.

Oven got fling some metres behind, but he only receive minor injury. The real Jon is among the crowd of pirates. He is counting the enemies number, and make a plan to defeat them.

"24 Charlottes, 1437 pirates, & 9465 homies, they really have a big crew. Hey, if i make a commotion here, will your friends who spread on this island come?"-Jon

"Huh? Maybe? Why'd you ask-!?WAIT, YOU'RE-"-Mouse Homie


Jon cut the mouse homie with his swords, alerting the others. They all look at Jon in surprise because he can appear undetected.


"Come!"-Jon grin

Jon take out his swords and he activate his Yin Seal, mangekyou & lightning mode. Jon cover his swords with haki, and flow raikiri on them. Then he move to attack the incoming pirates.

Jon use his eyes & observation haki to the max. He try to avoid getting hit, and mostly attack vital area, limbs, or redirecting attacks. He is on the winning side, then the Charlottes come and make it more difficult for him. So Jon store his swords and pull out his Uchiha Gunbai.

"Gunbai Fanned Wind"-Jon

Jon create a strong gust of wind toward the enemies. The strong wind blow them far behind. Then Oven jump to him with a hot punch again, and Jon block with his Gunbai.

"Uchiha Return!"-Jon

Jon reflect Oven's attack back at him and fling him away. However, the enemies number are still high, and soon, Jon start to get exhausted.

"It's time to use it."-Jon

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