125 124. Coup d'etat

Jon has discovered the enemy's strategy, and send it to Sabo. He has cut off the communication line too. Now he just need to make chaos and defeat the higher ups if possible.

"It's show time!"-Jon

Jon create 20 shadow clones & come out from his tunnel. He & his clones appear right inside the meeting room.

"Knock knock!"-Jon

His clones spread immediately, and come out from the room. They take out the guards and lock the room. Then the clones spread to every directions, leaving only 2 clones to guard the door. It happen so fast that the King, generals, & ministers didn't have time to react. Jon's speed has increase a lot since he train with Dragon.

"WHO'RE YOU?"-Minister A

"He's certainly an enemy. No need to talk, let's take him out!"-General A

Jon look at his opponents, and see that the threat is only the generals. There are 5 of them, and he don't know if they're really generals or not. He only know that since they're here, they're important people.

Jon see some people try to run away and leave the room. He has anticipated this, so he use his adamantine chains to isolate the room. Jon know adamantine chains are so hard, and these people won't be able to break them. Still, he won't use his adamantine chains to fight if possible.

A minister suddenly attack Jon with his gun. Jon can see the projectile with his sharingan, and coupled with his observation haki make him see the projectile come very slow. Jon cut the bullet and it split easily.

"Yare yare, don't be too worked up. As a civil person, i will ask you to surrender and let yourself executed."-Jon

"You're certainly not a civil person. Generals, attack!"-General B

The generals take out their weapons. One use broad sword, a spear, a riffle, a katana, and a javelin. The ministers also take out their guns and point them to Jon. Jon just draw his sword and use his armament.

"Bankai! Tensa Zangetsu."-Jon

Jon's sword turn into black metallic colour like the real Tensa Zangetsu. This is why Jon choose Tensa Zangetsu design after he train armament haki. He can transform his sword like a bankai, altough just the colour, and Ichigo's bankai is the perfect design.

Jon hold his sword with two hands and strike the enemies. Jon attack the broad sword user first, and he can block Jon's attack. Now Jon is excited, it seem they're some decent enemies. It's such a long time since he fight good enemies.

When Jon attack the broad sword user, the spear user try to stab him. Jon avoid the spear, but then the riffle user shoot him. They have good teamwork, but Jon's observation haki can sense everything in this room. A javelin is thrusted at him, and Jon parry it with his sword, but then a spear also come and he jump back.

"Heeh, look at this, you're so confident and try to fight us alone, but you can only run away."-Minister B

"Don't uderestimate him!"-Spear user

"He's not simply running away, he can avoid and block every attack, even the ones from behind."-Riffle user

"He's still not serious."-Katana user

Jon grin and got into stance, then he swing his sword horizontally. A flying attack appear from his sword, and attack the group of enemies. The broad sword & katana user try to defend, but Jon suddenly appear in front of the broad sword user and stab him.

Jon defeated one enemy, surprising everyone. The spear user immediately help the katana user and redirect the flying attack to the ceiling. The riffle user shoot at Jon again, but Jon didn't back off. He avoid the shot and run to the riffle user. The riffle user still try to shoot at Jon, but he can avoid them all. Jon try to slash the riffle user, but a javelin come to him.

Jon duck and twisted his body to face the ceiling. Then he swing his sword from below toward the riffle user. The riffle user use his riffle to block Jon's attack. His riffle break, but he can defend the attack and only got shallow wound.

The javelin user try to stab Jon that lay on the ground again. Jon just flickered away to his initial position. Jon crack his neck and grin, it's an exciting battle, and he know it will got more exciting. The spearman is a devil fruit user, Jon can see it from his red chakra.

"You don't want to use your devil fruit power?"-Jon

"So you know, i thought it wouldn't be necessary, but if i don't use it then we will lose."-Spearman

The spearman suddenly thrusted his spear to the air. Jon didn't know what he's doing, but Jon keep his vigilance. Suddenly the spear got extended very fast, and Jon can barely avoid it. It seem his devil fruit can make him manipulate the size of his weapon or maybe anything he touch.

"Leave him to me, & you guys protect the King! My ability is not that good in a closed room, and you guys will just hinder my ability."-Spearman

"Alright"-Javelin user

Jon didn't say anything and just stand on his position. Then the spearman thrust his spear again, and Jon avoid to the left. Surprisingly, the spear bent and turn to Jon's direction. So Jon avoid it again, but it keep following him like a snake.

Jon almost think that the spearman can control the shape too. Then he realize that it's similar but not the same. The spearman must've extend the right side, but not the left side. In a sense, it can be called controlling the shape.

'It seem his mastery over his devil fruit is rather high. I assume he is the strongest here, because they all follow his command without objection. So if i defeat him, it will be easy to fight the others.'-Jon

Jon can't keep avoiding, so he fight back after analyzing his opponent. Jon rush to the spearman while blocking the spear that attack him from every direction like a snake. Jon still can't cover his whole body with haki, so he need to block with his sword or hands.

It didn't take long for Jon to arrive in front of the spearman. Jon immediately strike with his sword and the spearman shrink his spear, except it's blade that made of steel. The spearman use the steel part as shield, but Jon just smirk.

Jon slash from the bottom vertically and he cut the iron easily. He still can't cut steel with flying attack, but cutting steel directly with his sword is easy. Not to mention he have haki, and both his swords are very sharp and tough.

The spearman got striked and get a big slash wound on his body. Jon take this chance to punch the spearman's abdomen and make him faint. He will not kill any of them, even the one that he stab before is still alive. He want to let the citizens have their revenge for these people's tiranny.

"Now, it's just you guys."-Jon

"Damn, let's attack together!"-Katana user

The katana guy, and javelin user attack Jon. The riffle user that just lost his riffle, take a gun and shoot at Jon again. Jon just use geppo and run on the air, then he send many flying attacks at them.

The flying attacks distract them to defend, so Jon go down fast. He take out the riffle man and ministers first, their shoots are annoying. When he finished with the ministers, a javelin thrusted to him. So Jon just parry the javelin to the side with his sword. Then he punch the man's solar plexus with all he got, and knock him out.

The katana user is late to help their friends. Jon block attack and catch the katana with his bare hand covered in haki. There's no haki user among these guys, because this is Paradise, where haki isn't well known. So Jon can easily block any attack with his haki.

Jon then kick the katana user, and the man jump back to avoid his kick. His katana is still in Jon's hand, so he didn't have weapon again. Jon now have another swords, so he use it too. He use the katana to strike the javelin user, and the guy also backed away.

Jon also flow his haki at the katana and then cross his 2 weapons to the side of his body. He flow Kurama's chakra at both of his swords and make it reddish black. Jon then swing the swords diagonally toward katana user that try to take the broad sword of his defeated friend.

"Getsuha Jujisho!"-Jon

A cross shape reddish black flying attack appear. The man try to block it, but Jon's attack enhanced a lot with Kurama's chakra. Fibally the sword got flunged away, and he of them got slashed by the attack.

Now, there's only the King left in there, and he's not strong at all. Jon just knock him out easily and then he bind them all with his new wood jutsu. Then he retract all the adamantine chains that cover the room.

Jon check outside and his clones still fighting a lot of soldiers in the castle. Jon just hang the King, generals and ministers with his chains. He show them to the soldiers and they all drop their weapons and cheering.

Jon is dumbfounded seeing all these soldiers cheering at their King's defeat. Then they thank him because they too are under the higher ups oppression. They even got many threat that their family would be killed if they don't follow the commands. The soldiers even tell Jon where the royals are hiding, and the ones who support the King.

Jon send his clones to help the soldiers capturing the royals and King's loyal followers. Then he call Sabo after deactivating the spiky denden mushi. It didn't take long before everything come to an end.

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The Revolutionaries let the citizens decide their ex-King and his followers punishment. Jon & the RAs leave the country after the war end. They just left some personels to help the country after this coup d'etat.

"Will the WG come and get the country back?"-Jon

"No, they won't even bother, because there are too many country under them. A small country with no benefit for them like Vira is not worth for them to sacrifice their troops."-Sabo

"Everything come with a price, and this is no exception. WG will only move if they can get benefit later, like if the resources here are big enough for them. But small country like Vira didn't have anything to offer."-Koala

"So basically, no oil, no help."-Jon

They go back to Baltigo because the CP agents can track them if they stay too long. Even if WG won't help the country, but getting information about RA is enough. It will be even better if they can track the RA to the base.

While on the ship to Baltigo, Jon keep training his wood style. He can do some basic wood jutsus now, but he is still not at Yamato's level, not to mention Hashirama. Jon need more control of his wood style. Wood style is like controlling water & earth at perfect balance, and it's hard.

Jon still train his wood control by growing tree from a seed. Now he can make a small tree, but the chakra spending is high. He won't even be able to use decent wood jutsu if not for the hand seals that help him controlling the chakra when make a jutsu.

"Hmm, i feel like i miss something about wood release. It's like wood is not just water & earth chakra being mold together and create it. If that's the concept, then everybody can do it too, not just Hashirama or Ashura. Is it because of the Yang chakra? Because wood & plants have life in them right? Yang chakra is life force."-Jon

Jon pondered about the wood release, and he still can't find a good answer. His best guess is he missed the 'life' concept of his wood release.

'Kid, i think it's time for you to learn Nature Chakra (Senjutsu).'-Kurama


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