107 106. Befriending The Beast

Everyone got wasted again, and Dragon have no choice but to give a day rest. Only one person that didn't get a day rest, Jon. He is punished because he was the one that initiate the crazy party, and it's the 2nd time. So Dragon punish him by raising his training menu.

Jon's sets of training today are physical training until he can't move, Observation Haki training with 3 people attacking him at once after physical training, then spamming ninjutsu until his chakra depleted. Jon want to object at first, but Dragon just give him 'Fist of Love'. Dragon said this is Monkey family's teaching skill that passed down from generation to generation.

Jon can only did his training because he have so many bumps on his head. Now he can feel some of Luffy's pain. This 'Fist of Love' didn't have any love in it. After his training, Jon need to be carried on a stretcher by some people to hospital. He have many bumps & bruise on his body, especially face that make him look like a Fatman.

"Thish ish workhflace violensh, chall mway lawwew! (This is workplace violence, call my lawyer!)"-Jon

'He still have the energy to complain and make a joke at the same time.'-Everyone sweatdrop at Jon

Jon arrive at the hospital and the doctor and nurse treat him. Jon keep grumbling and cursing Dragon for this. The doctor finally put a roll of bandage to close Jon's mouth. They can finally treat him quietly and it finished fast.

After the doctor and nurse left, Jon think of his training today. Even though it's very hard and hurt, but he must admit it's effective. He can finally feel some glimpse of intent and avoid a few hits not because of luck, but he feel it.

'The best way to grow is pushing one's limit and surpassing it. Dragon is right, i can't always rely on my trick and strategy. I know from the war that some people can't be defeated by mere tricks and strategy. Some people are so strong that they don't need to be afraid of any strategy. I need to grow stronger fast, i will not let what happened in Sabaody happen again.'-Jon

Jon then sleep to recuperate faster, his self healing has improve a lot after getting Hashirama's gene and become a jinchuriki. Now he just need to master medical ninjutsu to get Hashirama's instant healing. Jon need to work on his chakra control again after becoming a jinchuriki. Tailed beast chakra affected his chakra control, it's a little chaotic, so it lower his control.

'Speaking of it, i haven't see that fox again. I guess i need to meet him now, he must've seen all of my memory.'-Jon

Jon meditate and enter his mind scape to see Kurama. He appear in mind scape and look at the orange fox. Kurama is very quiet, it surprised Jon, because he is very chatty and curse a lot before.

"You're suddenly become quiet."-Jon

"Hmph, there's many things i need to think about. Kid, is this really another world?"-Kurama

"Yeah, what i show you is all of my memory from my previous life till this life. I know it's hard to believe, but-"-Jon

"It's not that i'm not believe it, i have lived for thousands of years and know that there are many things that even i don't know out there. What i can't believe is that my world is just a piece of art and someone's imagination."-Kurama

"I don't know if it's imagination or not, but i have a theory that your world is actually real and so is this world. I think that the one who draw your world have some kind of connection with your world that make him can imagine it. Especially the life story of Uzumaki Naruto."-Jon

"Hmm, that's an interesting theory, it can be true. Enough about that, i want to know about the present & future. Kid, what do you want to do in this world?"-Kurama

"What i want to do? You know, i just want to enjoy this life and protect my loved ones. I don't really care about make world peace like Naruto. As long as my loved ones are fine, then it's enough for me. But don't take me as a cold hearted guy, i will still help people y'know."-Jon

"You don't desire peace? Then what? From your memory, this world is also not a nice peacefull world."-Kurama

"Freedom, my friends and i value freedom the most. We want to do anything we want, we want to live to the fullest. Kurama, this world lack freedom for it's people. Slavery, corrupt royalty and nobles, or even suppression from Word Goverment. The ones that suffer the most are weak people. That's why we want power and want freedom."-Jon

"So what's your goal?"-Kurama

"Hmm? Goal is it? I have dream to be the best, but i haven't decide my goal. Well, who cares, what i want is still the same, goal or not, i only want one thing. I want to protect all my loved ones and will do anything for it."-Jon

"Don't be naive kid! You are just one person, you can't protect everyone by yourself."-Kurama

"I know, that's why everyone try to be a lot stronger. That's also why i need your help Kurama. We will live together, so let's fight together."-Jon

"Hmph, why should i help you?"-Kurama

"Well, i can summon you out for some time, so it's better than stay here all the time. I know you want to leave my body, but we don't know if you can live without me. Remember this is not your original world, the world law here is different."-Jon smirk

"Heeh, maybe you're not that naive. Fine, i will lend my power, let's live and enjoy this new world."-Kurama

"Woohoo, now i can use that cool cloak and glowing like Naruto, hahaha."-Jon dancing around happily, make Kurama sweatdrop at him.

"You may not naive but you certainly are childish."-Kurama sweatdrop

Jon immediately unseal the adamantine chains and freed Kurama. Kurama then sit in front of Jon, and he is very massive. Jon then take out his right hand and point his fist to Kurama. Kurama smirk and meet his own fist with Jon's.

"It's good that you decorate this place kid, but how did you do it? I also remember you have something you called system."-Kurama

Jon ask system to show itself to Kurama, and he explain about the system. Kurama is very impressed by this, it's really a usefull helper. But Kurama still have a complain to Jon.

"Kid, of all the power from my world, why should you ask for that cursed power? More so from that Moth*rf*cker."-Kurama

"You mean Sharingan and Madara? Well, you know from my memory that he is the only person that can evolve his sharingan to rinnegan like your dad. He's also a genius but Hashirama overshadowed him. What i ask is the power after he got Hashirama's cells. So in other word, i want those 2's power."-Jon

"You're very greedy."-Kurama

"Who cares, what i want at that time is a way to survive in this new world. I don't know anything, so i want the one with most potential as my power. What's better than Madara & Hashirama at once?"-Jon

"You can ask for Ashura's or my father's power."-Kurama

"That will be too much, i know my limit when the God give me some wish. Hagoromo is 10 tail's jinchuriki, and so is Madara when he become six path sage. Ashura have all tailed beast too, so he is out of question. Their power is too much to be asked.

Even Madara with Rinnegan is also a little too much. The proof is, God didn't immediately make me have Rinnegan, but make me grow from 1 tomoe sharingan. I don't even get Hashirama's cells from the beginning.

I have my main mission, and the reward is only you at 50% chakra, not all tailed beast, and Demonic Statue. The God gave me this mission, so he just need to give me enough power to finish my mission. Getting six path's power will be an overkill, and he said that he want a show too."-Jon

Kurama think about it and he understand the point.

"So it's like, 'if your mom ask you to buy something, she will only give you enough money'?"-Kurama

"I don't know why you choose that example, but yeah, it's like that"-Jon have sweatdrop at Kurama's comparison.

"So you're not an uchiha right?"-Kurama

"No, you can say i stole their power actually, so i'm not an Uchiha, why?"-Jon

"I hate Uchiha and their eyes, you know that. So never show me your eyes, except when we fight!"-Kurama

"How about when i train?"-Jon

"No problem, what i mean is not to show it at my face."-Kurama


Jon then ask Kurama if he can regain his full power again. Kurama can do it, but he will need some months. He lost 50% of his chakra and the Shiki Fujin also injure him. So he ask Jon to not use his chakra until he recover. Jon didn't have any problem with that. He never use Kurama's chakra before, so it's not a problem for him.

Jon leave his mind scape and sleep, he still need to train tomorrow. The next day, Jon wake up and he has recovered completely. With Kurama being friendly, his healing also improve a lot. Everyone have seen Jon's super healing ability, but they are still impressed by it.

"He can heal after sleeping for one night."-Doctor

"Did he still need our treatment?"-Nurse A

"Maybe not."-Nurse B

"I think his healing speed has improved again."-Doctor

"Just what kind of body he have?"-Nurse C

'I want to know that too. If only i have this healing power back then, maybe everything will change in Marineford.'-Jon

'There's no use in regretting the past, kid.'-Kurama

'I know, i also know that simply have better healing didn't mean i'm stronger and can win with that. That's why i must be stronger, much stronger.'-Jon

'That's right, it's pointless to talk high, but didn't have sufficient power.'-Kurama

Jon then start his training again, and now he will push his limit everytime. He know his body can withstand the training intensity now, so he will not hold back. He also still training fuinjutsu and medical jutsu using his clones. He always read many literature for shinobi in his free time. Sometime he will learn about this world in RA's library.

He often spar with Revolutionaries and there are many strong people here. He also can copy many techniques from them, but he integrate it with his own style. He also train his weapons, especially the straight ninjato swords. It's his favourite weapon now.

"I use 2 swords, but i don't have 2 good straight ninjato swords. Wait, i have that customization card. I can customize my Kusanagi, but it's only 1, and there's no other sword as strong as Kusanagi. Maybe i should make one with good material."-Jon

Jon open the shop and try to find good materials for his new sword. He like Kusanagi design, but it's Orochimaru's, he want to make it his with his preferable design. He also prefer one sided straight sword now, but he won't throw away Kusanagi, so he will just change it's shape & appearance.

"Hmm, i guess i will use chakra metal, but i need good swordsmith. I will ask Dragon later, but i need to find a good design first."-Jon

Jon walk to training ground while thinking of his swords design. He have many swords in mind from anime and mangas, even games.

"Hmm, when i can use Armament, i can make my sword black. So it will have some kind of transformation. Sword that transform, hmm... Sword that- !! Ah, i know, hehehe, this will be good."-Jon rub his hands and smile like an evil merchant.

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