89 Remote existences

At least, he was told how important the church was to the country. In a remote state in the neighbouring country, the Vatican or something like that, people living in it had mountains of gold and power at their hands thanks to their faithful community.

They had an army too, with special soldiers. Priests, templars, abbots, paladins, bishops all bearers of the godly message. A sword in their hands and an armor that wouldn't let sunlight touch their eyes, they were considered monster among men because of the lack of human features displayed.

Alas, unless it was a holy war, none of the special soldiers ventured past their territory. The conflict between Spain and France started because of a quarrel, the only ones involved were the nobles, and the countries' army.

"Interesting." Said Oswald. He was impatient to meet other monsters freely roaming like he was. Still, he wondered. 'How different will they be from me?'

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