2 The beginning

In the beginning it started out with Lara the rare white she wolf who was the only one of her kind. She was forced out of her clan because, they were scared of her but, what they will soon realize is that she will either be their salvation or their doom. When Lara was born her mother loved her dearly but, her father despised her because, she was white. So her mother took her into hide to hide her away from her father because, her father wanted to get rid of her because, he thought she was an abomination! She grew up with a loving mother but, a horrible father. She went to school like a normal child and was raised like a normal child. She went to prom, She had friends and at the age of 15 she even met a guy who eventually became her boyfriend but, on her sixteenth birthday everything changed! She started to change and she didn't even know what was about to happen to her!