1 Chapter One : In The Beginning

"This is all your fault! " Lia yelled at the tomboy whose stamina was already failing her

"Oh really? " The tomboy scoffed dodging a tree she would've rammed into if she wasn't paying attention "This is my fault now? "

" Whose idea was it going into the haunted house, all yours. You said this would be the greatest adventure of all time but I never thought this would be an adventure of me running for my dear life !" She yelled, her heart almost leaping out of her chest when she heard the feral growl getting closer by each passing second

"Sorry for disrupting your blame time but we have to part ways here. There's a much greater chance of us surviving if we go different ways than staying and dying together" The tomboy pointed out and disappeared before Lia could oppose.

"You coward! " Lia cursed, adding more speed even though her chest felt like it was on fire. No!, she wasn't going to die. There was no way she was going to die in this eerie-looking wood. It would be days or probably weeks before they find her body. If such a disaster happens, moreover becoming a wolf's dinner is quite an embarrassing reason to be sent to the afterlife. No, she refuses to die this way

Gathering courage, she stopped and grabbed a nearby branch trying to climb a tree. At least wolves can't climb trees, she thought, when she felt something grab her leg.

Lia shrieked and tried kicking its hold on her feet but instead, its claws dug into her skin as she let out a sharp cry.

Distracted, she lost her balance and slipped from the tree landing on the ground with a loud thud. Ground? No, no, no.

Lia sat up at once wincing at the pain in her leg but that was nothing compared to the fear that crept into her heart when her eyes met glowing brown eyes.

Oh God

I'm dead meat

Forty - Eight hours Ago

"Sleepy sleepy sleepy, wake up from the bed " Rex in a rhythmic, singsong voice, hopping up and down her bed ultimately woke her up.

"Ugh, get out! " She snapped slamming him off her bed with a pillow which he dogged effortlessly.

Damn, why are kids so flexible?

"You missed " Rex mocked making faces at her as Lia chased after him, with him releasing a torrent of screams as he ran for his life.

"I'll skin you alive, you little obnoxious specimen called ..."

"Language, young lady " Her mother warned with a displeased frown on her face " And why are you not dressed yet, you know we're leaving in two hours " She complained carrying Rex off his feet as he giggled excitedly.

"Leaving? " Lia asked confused

" Don't tell me you forgot already? Seriously lia? " Mom asked, with a brow raised

A mocking laugh from behind made Lia roll her eyes " Yelp, told you she's a birdbrain " Her brother Trevor taunted

"Thanks d*ckhead " Lia goaded, fighting the urge to give him the middle finger. Her mom would kill her if she does that.

"Fine, I'll prepare " She sighed making her way back to her room. Once inside, she took a deep breath with her back resting on her door, she just couldn't understand why her mom was adamant about returning to her dad's hometown.

The so-called father never contributed anything to her life aside from donating his sperm that led to her creation and finance but yet her mom loved him like crazy.

Love? What a joke

Even in death, he still couldn't let go of them.

Well, there was no harm in a change of environment. What's the worst that can happen anyway?

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