The Shattered Glass ShoeThe Shattered Glass Shoe

The Shattered Glass Shoe

by Moon_Princess_Jenn

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Penelope Marks was a young, teenage girl living under the wrath of her step-mother. Bound by chores and work, she had no social life. The only things to keep her going were her books, art and fantasies. Being close to her eighteenth birthday, she had one goal: finish high school and get out of that house. With no Prince Charming to rescue her, she had no choice but to work hard to save herself. That was, until Derek Filmore came into the picture. A boy born to wealth and heir to his family's estate, one day Derek took notice of Penelope. Having no clue that he was lurking in the shadows, watching her, Penelope continued to work towards her goal of getting out of that house. Then, on that one fateful day, it happened... Did Penelope find her Prince Charming after all?

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