1 Prologue

The sound of fight can be heard echoed within the throne room.

Myojo twisted his body to dodge Shadow Monarch's attack. Then Myojo gave an overhead slash to his head, but the Shadow Monarch successfully blocked it with his left hand while his sword did a horizontal slash who almost touched Myojo's head if he doesn't lowered his body in the right time. While slided under the sword, Myojo gave a three consecutive strike to Shadow Monarch's left knee.

Myojo move to Shadow Monarch's back then try to pierced his backside. Shadow Monarch's gave a swift backhand punch which was blocked by Myojo's shield. But still, the momentum thrown Myojo to his right. After 36 meters gliding, Myojo's movement came to a stop. He try to synchronized his breath. Then observe Shadow Monarch.

[HP: 23%]

'Shit, although he never get a clean strike at me, but my HP still get reduced this fast.' Thought Myojo a bit shocked. This shadow monarch really wear him off. It's been three days since this battle began or more precisely 69 hours. Myojo already at his limit right now. He needs to end this fast.

Myojo drank the last Great HP Potion he has then suddenly thrown his body to the right to evade Shadow Monarch's Red Beam.

~Boom..... Grekk..... ~ An explosion of red light occurred in the place where the red beam collided with the earth. The explosion thrown millions of small pebbles to everywhere.

Cold sweat emerged from the back of Myojo's head. 'If that attack touch me, i will already dead right now. Fortunately i can dodge that attack.'

Myojo focused his stare at Shadow Monarch.

[HP: 3%]

'A little bit more, and that guy will become a history.' Myojo murmured to himself while still waited for an opening. Patient is a virtue.

Shadow Monarch lift his sword over his head with both of his hand. A ball of darkness emerged at the tip of his sword. Myojo knew what Shadow Monarch do right now. But he still bidding his time.

'This is it. After he unleash the 'Night Show', for a duration of ten seconds he will be vulnerable to any attack.' Myojo make his sword and shield steady while posture ready for battle. 'I need to rely on my 90% immunity of shadow based attack.'

From a small ball, it continually growing until the size of a house. Then with a mighty boom, the shadow trapped within it, swarmed the room.

With a burst of speed Myojo reduced the gap between them. Myojo thrown his shield to Shadow Monarch's head. After smashed his head, the shield still hovered around his head while occasionally hit its face. Myojo swiftly closed their gap. While still opened an eye for his remaining HP.

[HP: 17%]

Ten meters

'Come on, faster. '

[HP: 9.75%]

Five meters

'A bit more'

[HP: 3.5%]

Three meters

'Push forward'

[HP: 1.25%]

One meter

'Shit, one more burst'

Myojo jump and slashed downward to Shadow Monarch's head as hard as he can. Suddenly the shield he thrown before, hovered above his head and collided with Myojo's sword.

A crisscrossed white light emerged on top of Shadow Monarch's head. With a final push, Myojo push down the crisscrossed light with his sword. The world become still, then suddenly a bright golden light appeared in the middle of the throne room.

[Congratulations Challenger, you finally finished The Most Difficult Boss alone, an almost impossible occurrence without your special job]

After confirmed the announcement, Myojo fell down to his butt. His rough breathing can be heard within his head. He checked his remaining HP.

[HP: 0.12%]

"Haha.... i, i almost lose." Myojo lied to his back. He really needs some rest right now.

The system voice still continue her narration.

[As the most contributed player, you get 'The Shadow Heart' title.]

"What's the use of said title? I'm gonna die anyway. " I said to the system.

[Oh no, no. With this title, you can get a second chance to life.]

Heard that, Myojo furrowed his brows.

[But not in your own world. Because in the instant you step your feet in this room, the system already burned your brain in your real world]

"How can be possible? Don't my brain is the place of my consciousness?" Myojo think the system has gone mad. After all the brain is the place where all memories and whatsoever stored. Then by logic if it's burned, the Human will be dead or at least lose all his memories.

[Oh hoho, that's a mystery you need to find the answer yourself.]

"With the way you worded 'Your own world' repeatedly, that's mean the world where i will get a second chance is another world. " Myojo said sceptically to her.

[Yes, that's true.]

"Ah how typical. After i thrown into another world then what, i make a Harem? How unoriginal. " Myojo dry laughed at himself.

[Be cautious, or you will eat your own words]

Myojo just nodded his head.

[There are some other reward because of your solo achievement. It's will be easier if you just checked your self.] The system gave some pause. [Of Course not right now, bye bye.]

"Eh, wait a minut—" Myojo get swallowed by a golden light.


| Bar |

'Okay, so now let check what i get from the rewards' Myojo thought to himself.

It's been a week since Myojo get thrown in the middle of nowhere and searching information about where the hell he is. He just doesn't have time to check his reward between finding his whereabouts and solidify his situation. Well at least he knew where he is now. He still in the Olympians Online's world but without any players. At last that's the conclusions he get from the limited time of finding information.

Name: Myojo

Lv: 100 (Max)

HP: 100% (Regeneration = Vitality × 0.0625% per minute = 5% per minute)

DP(Divine Points): 50 (1 DP for every 10 minutes regeneration)

Race: Human (High Men)

Title: The Shadow Heart

[Base Stats]

Strength: 120

Vitality: 80

Dexterity: 157

Divination: 50

[Ability Slot 7/7]

-Shadow Bringer

The Player get 100% boost power when fighting light attributes but get 20% more damage received from light attributes based attack, a full mastery of stealth skill, and a night vision ability.

-Shadow Itself

The Player is invulnerable to any shadow based attack, and get a regenerative boost when completely under the shade of shadow.

-Curse of Achilles

The Player get 50% less damage received

-Heracles Strength

The Player get 50% more damage inflicted

-Troll Blood

The Player get a regeneration from every 10 minutes to every minute.

-Argos Eyes

The Player get a hundred meters area of awareness with the player as the center.

-Mind of Athena

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The Player will always in the calm state of mind, invulnerable to any mind attack, and give an immunity to any psychological status effect.

[Skills Slot 15/20]

-Stealth LV. Full Mastery

The shadow is you, you are the shadow. You can Blending in the shadow while observe your prey.

-Night Vision LV. Full Mastery

Your sight in the night is as clear as in the day.

-Sword Arts LV. 10/10 Max

Your sword is the extension of your own hand.

-Shield Arts LV. 10/10 Max

Your shield is as sturdy as a giant tree.

-Danger Senses LV. 10/10 Max

When a danger approach, you will feel it.

-Disguise Arts LV. 10/10 Max

Literally you can become anyone.

-Lies Detection LV. 10/10 Max

75% Chance to detect lies. The possibility depends on how believable the lie is.

-Persuasion LV. 10/10 Max

Your smooth talking make your friends believe you, your enemies dance for you, and make woman striping for you. The possibility depends on how believable your word is.

-Combo Maker LV. 10/10 Max

You can flawlessly do an attack combo between two combos until fifty combos.

-Blacksmithing LV. 10/10 Max

Your skill in anything related with blacksmith already rivaled dwarf race.

-Archery Arts LV. 10/10 Max

Your almost never miss.

-Swimming skill LV. 10/10 Max

You can swim like a pro swimmer.

-Voice Changer LV. 10/10 Max

Literally you can imitate any sound you have heard.

-Assassination Arts LV. 10/10 Max

You can kill and leave without anyone know.

-Sleeping Arts LV. 10/10 Max

Even sleep has arts. Two hours sleep equal to eight hours sleep. You will get 25% base status boost if you sleep in a bed, 50% base status boost if you sleep with a lover, 100% base status boost if you can seduce a god or goddess to sleep with you, 200% base status boost if you can seduce two gods or goddess to sleep with you, 1000% base status boost if you can seduce Hera to sleep with you in Zeus' chamber. The duration of the boost is ten hours, except for the 1000% boost which is will remain for a year.

[Divination of God]

-God of Shadow

You can transform yourself to become a temporary God of Shadow. When still in the duration of transformation, the world will succumb into darkness without any shed of light. You can move to any place without restrain, your body become immortal and invisible. Your power become magnificent and undefeatable, nothing can hide from you. The world is within your hand. But eventually everything has a price for it. The same for your power. After cancelled the transformation, you will suffer a setback. For a duration of one day you can't move your body and your body will become weak and fragile, also you can't transform back for a duration of one week nor you can use your divination.

(Cost all remaining Divination and halved your current HP for one hour duration of transformation)

[Passive Divination 3/3]

-Shadow Body

Make your body easily blending in shadow.

-Shadow Arms

Bending the shadow for your own will. The damage or defense stats of your creation is same as your base stats with a durability as long as you will it.

-Shadow Domain

When under the shadow, base stats get a 20% boost.

[Gift From Gods 3/∞]

-Zeus Thunderbolt

Strike an enemy with Zeus' thunderbolt

Damage: 1000

Type: Single strike

Cost: 20 Divination per strike

-Poseidon Wrath

Summon wave after wave of Tsunami from a nearby water source

Damage: 250

Type: Area of Effect

Cost: 20 Divination per Wave

-Hades Kiss

Instant killed an already frightened enemy. The Possibility depends on how scared they feel.

Damage: Instant kill

Type: Single strike

Cost: a Divination per strike

[Equipment Set]

-Head: Helmet of Darkness

-Body: Armor of Darkness

-Arms: Gauntlet of Darkness

-Footwear: Shoes of Darkness

(Equipment set effect: +500 defense, Hazy-like presence)

[Weapon Set]

Right Hand: Sword of Darkness

Left Hand: Shield of Darkness

(Weapon set effect: +250 damage, +20% Critical chance)

(Darkness full set effect: +500 damage, +500 defense, +20% all base stats, immunity from any status effect)

[Accessories slot 4/4]

-Cape of the Champion

-Magic Ring of Fortune

-Anti Stun Bracelet

-Medusa Head mussed

'Nice, i get some nice improvement. Especially the immunity against shadow or dark based attack and that Divination of God. ' Myojo silently triumphed inside his head. Then he suddenly sweetdroped, 'i still can't believe that bastard really gave me that skill. ' He mussed to himself.

The sleeping arts is a skill gifted by Zeus to Myojo as the reward for saved his bastard daughter (as usual). He even blatantly challenge Myojo to seduce his wife. Myojo of course never bite that, although Zeus' wife herself, Hera, secretly tried to entered his pants.

'Well whatever, i just need to stay alive here. Fortunately there was no one waited for me in my original world. ' Myojo relaxed his back in the chair.

"Hey fuck off, i want to sit in your table." Some mean looking guy approached Myojo then try to scare him off. Don't want to make a trouble, Myojo stand up from his chair then walked out. Before he can go, a hand hold his shoulder. "and leave your wallet behind." some of his colleague sneered at Myojo.

'Well, well, not that long i entered this world, some problem already reached me. Am i really look like a pushover?' Myojo turned his head while stucked his pinkie finger inside his right ear. "Do you said something?" He said with an eye smile. Oh how unoriginal.