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The Shades of my Heart


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What is The Shades of my Heart

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'Love'...a word composed of just four letters but a thousand emotions, when those emotions are expressed...life starts to take color. Xain Xavier goes to a college with his childhood friend, Emma Gray. They have been together for 15 years being neighbors and have developed a very deep bond and one look at them together will make you think they are a couple. But.... are they.......? Xain, on his way to the library bumps into one of the girl's, Isabella Rose, their eyes lock each other, oblivious to reality they stare at each other as if they were searching for something, perhaps... someone; and they were right before their eyes. That was the moment when Xain got the answer to if "love at first sight" was a myth. What if Emma feels the same way about Xain? Xain, forced to make a choice, a choice which will determine his future. Will he stay with the one he's been with all his life, or will he put his memories behind and hold a new hand he fell for. Love...the shades of one's heart, the thousand feelings he experiences will help him to make THE choice, which hand will he lean towards?

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Great series, can't wait for the next chp so far every chp ends on a cliffhanger and urges me to read further and also like the Mc xain Xavier


Fantastic work, I adore the author's writing style, and the character development is simply outstanding! I'm completely sucked in and can't wait to read more. Excellent work, author.


great story. from the beginning to end i can't seem to put down my phone. too bad it's only had 12 chapters only. [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


when i started reading the book, I didn't know that it was author's first book as the book is written so well. I liked the main character so much and the story is so interesting. I've read 7 chapters so far and I can tell that this book is going to get me hooked to it. great work!


Absolutely Amazing, Can't wait for this Book to Publish so that more people go through this masterpiece💖💖 I am sure this would be one of the best selling books. Everything is fantastic either it be the plot or the language, surely Teacher's teaching in School have resulted in this iykwim xd. Keep going and upload the next Chapter soon, I just can't wait for it


Wow, blown away already I love your writing, one would not be able to tell that this is your first book Also, the romance is intriguing Thumb up to the author


whenever it's about love, I am all head over heels. I just so loved the synopsis. this book is gonna stay in my library. and I am surely going to read it. Great.


Wow, for your first novel this is impressive! It's well written, has good vocabulary, and grammar. And so far the story is intriguing. I really like the narration. I'll be on the look out for more updates!


A successful one for the first book of the author. I enjoyed it too much while reading it. You should try this one if you are addicted to the related genre Congratulations to the author for sharing it.


Intriguing novel right from the first chapter. The Author's writing skills are amazing. And that is why it is easy to read and imagine everything that is written here. In general, interesting novel.


Brilliant storyline, incredible character development, perfect storytelling. This is so great work of the author and when I learn this is your first book, I needed to give it ten thumbs up. 👍 Fellow author, I am here to support you. A highly recommended book. Great work done.


This book was written wonderfully the amount of observation the writer has put into this is commendable and I loved reading it! The start also seemed perfect and it was gripping and made me crack up at how relatable it was! Good work author bring us more chapters as soon as possible, can't wait to read more!!!


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