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The Shade Chronicles


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Leo is worthless. Or that’s what everyone thinks. As the third, illegitimate son of the powerful Eleas family, he should be third in the line of succession for Leader of the family but because of his lack of talent for business and his dim-wittedness, he has no status in his family. He and his mother, who mysteriously disappeared one day many years ago, are treated as the disgraces of the family. After being cruelly disowned and thrown out of the family estate, everything changes. Now everyone knows Leo as the Eleas family embarrassment, but what they don’t know is that Leo is the head of a secret organization in the country. Without any need to hide anymore, Leo fully assumes his role as the Keeper, the commander of Shade. When details about a plan to uproot the balance of power between the Guilds, Nobles, and the Royal family and tear the country apart surfaces, the fate of the country is put into Leo’s hands. Can he put aside the humiliation he endured for years to protect his country and finally unravel the mystery around his birth mother or will revenge consume both Leo and everyone around him?


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