1 'Helkep'

"I guess, I will die... this feels so good, being freed from this life... but let me, in this last moment of my useless existence, let me try, just try once more, that... THAT THING THAT RUINED MY WHOLE LIFE."


In a place, where not a single building smaller than a 4-story could be seen, there were quite a few buildings, that seemed to be touching the sky.

On the street, cars which were hovering in the air, were flying at high speed.

On the side of the road, a group of people were walking, dressed in bizarre clothes, for there was not a single one which seemed to be made from cotton or wool but skin of unidentifiable fur or skin.

What was even more crazy was that these people were armed with long blades or staffs and hung on there shoulders was some type of animal ... no that couldn't be called animal but something more like a beast with a long horn and a wrenched face with long fangs, which were covered with blue liquid or maybe its own blood.

Carrying big smiles, these people talked as they made there way towards their destination.

"Today was an unexpected day, who would have thought that there would be a secret dungeon hidden underneath the sewage, an out-burst was expected." One of the man whose biceps were revealed in all there glory said, but he was not the only one with big arms as most of them were actually quite bulky.

"Yea! It's good there weren't any casualties otherwise that man who found the dungeon would be dead for not revealing the existence of a hidden dungeon earlier, simply due to his own laziness." One of the woman dressed in a long robe with a staff replied.

"Ha-Ha! Dead, yep, that's funny." A man who stood out in the group due to his slim physique said.

"What do you mean?" The woman with a staff asked with a frown, wondering what the man found so funny.

"Do you really think that someone would keep quiet about something so important, and if someone really did, than do you believe that person could be ordinary. The media and government would have ruined his whole life by now, but what do you see, the media giving a simple explanation of his health issue, due to which he didn't tell the news quicker, that's all. It looks more like them covering-up his fault than slandering him." The slim man answered with mockery, evidently in his tone, for the woman couldn't even make such a simple analysis.

"...I see." The staff woman said with her cheeks red in embarrassment, for having over-looked that simple point.

"Well, who cares, at the end of the day, it's Hunters like us getting profits from the ordeal and our luck was quite good day as well, just looking at this loot is enough to make my mouth drool." The bulky man who started the conversation tried to distract the Staff woman, having noticed her embarrassment.

"Yea! Lets quickly get this loot converted in the guild and than hold a party, a celebration is a must after all." A boy who was also in a robe with a staff in hand but looked quite young as compared to the others said, with excitement seen all over his face.

The excited boy turned around to take a look at the loot. Just looking at the loot was enough to make his mouth drool. As he turned around, he stumbled and happened to fall on a boy walking a bit further ahead of the group.

The boy was not animal fur or skin, clothing but instead clothes made from cotton and wool. He was wearing something like a uniform.

"...I AM REALLY SORRY!" The staff boy seemed to get out of his momentary daze and quickly apologized.

The reason for his quick apology wasn't that he was a very good person but because of the clothes, the other guy was wearing, was the uniform of the Great Joul Academy. The most prestigious academy on the whole planet. To get admitted in it, not only does one need large amount of wealth but also skill.

It was a place where the likes of him could never even dream of getting admitted.

The Staff boy offered his hand to help the guy stand up. Though the only thing he got from the fallen boy who looked to be about 17 was a silent look.

The boy had very dashing looks, with his Pitch-black hair like the night and white skin like the inside of an onion, his gold iris were a just like... they were...blank, only a dead person could have such blank and lifeless eyes.

"A-Are you okay. I am really sorry. It was my mistake." The staff boy felt very weird as he looked into the eyes of the other person.

"No, it was my fault, you need not apologize." The guy who had fallen had a very weak and plain voice, the voice seemed to contain no emotions, whatsoever, it was like a song with no music.

"...No-No it was clearly my fault. Why are you apologizing?" The staff boy felt very weird due to this conversation. If it wasn't because the other guy had to have a strong background and offending him could only cause trouble, he would have ran-off. Ignoring the fallen boy.

"...Okay." The fallen boy continued to head towards where he was heading to, while trying to get the dust off his white coat which stuck out like sore thumb.

"Be careful, people like them aren't someone we can afford to offend, he can have all of us diced into pieces, along with our relatives, with no one left to even think of the word revenge for us." The staff woman advised the staff boy, having a concerned look. Looking at her genuine care for the boy, one could assume they had a close relationship.

"I know... I am sorry, if something happens and you get dragged into it as well..." The staff boy was interrupted by the big man who was looking to be the leader of the group.

"Just forgot what happened, you, just be more careful from now on and what are you lot waiting for we have to get this loot converted, don't waste time standing around." His power full voice, got the group to quiet down and start moving.


Some distance ahead of the group, the boy who the staff boy accidentally bumped into, was walking.

The boy was still trying to get the dust off his coat. Probably finding it annoying that the dust didn't get off, the boy took of his coat and threw it to the side of the road.

The boy walked for some time and finally reached his destination.

It was one of the biggest buildings around, on which the words 'DC' were written. He walked towards the door, the guard noticing him, opened the door and the boy walked inside.

The buildings inside was just as lavish as the outside, with a beautiful receptionist standing behind the receptionist desk.

He made his way towards the receptionist, the receptionist having seen the extremely pretty boy making his way towards her, putting on a cute smile and asked "How may I help you, dear sir?" "A private portal, destination; city of Jonal."

"... Y-Yes sir, that would be sixty thousand UC." Her smile was gone replaced with awe, and didn't dare have any more ideas regarding the boy.

City of Jonal was the richest and the most powerful city of the planet of Jona. As could be expected from the similarity in the names.

Even the most poorest from the city of Jonal could buy this whole building, with the staffs included.

"Here, I only have a Hundred thousand note on me." The boy handed her the money, there was no emotion within him, that could be seen or felt.

"Right, Please go to room 10, on the upper floor, use this card to activate the portal." The receptionist quickly handed him a card and as she was about to return the extra money, the boy started walking away.

"Sir, your change." The receptionist didn't dare shout in fear of offending the boy.

As if the boy didn't even hear her, he kept on walking. Going up through the stairs, he soon reached room 10.

Opening the door, placed a bit further inside was something like a transparent mirror, it was blueish green in color.

The boy walked towards the portal and held the card that the receptionist gave him in front of the portal.

The mirror like screen started spinning and the boy walked inside.


Someplace in the ocean, an island was hanging in the sky. It was a real site to behold, looking at it made one feel awe.

On this island, a large and thick wall, probably covering the end of the island, on this giant wall, rows and rows of doors were present. In front of the wall, different outdoor restaurant were present, serving different types of foods.

They were set-up in such a way that the people sitting would be able to get a clear view of the wall.

The doors in the wall opened and someone would walked out and the people sitting in these restaurants would see if the person that walked out, was who they were waiting for, or not.

One of the doors opened and a boy in his seventeens walked out. He had pitch-black hair and jade like skin, with lifeless gold eyes.

Having recognized the boy, a man in bodyguards clothing spoke and as he spoke a green screen appeared in front of his mouth, from nowhere "Young master, Helkep has made his safe return."

After saying that, he walked towards the boy and courteously bowed and said "I hope you had a safe trip, young master." Despite the courteous tone, there was disdain hidden in his eyes.

"I was not on a trip, if not for Ella, I wouldn't have gone there."

"Miss Ella only wanted you to go and relieve some of your stress." There was a desire in his eyes, when talking about Ella, but as if swallowing a fly, his face turned nasty, he quickly hid that look with a smile.

"I didn't ask her to do that for me." The boy, not caring in the least about Ella's consideration, replied in his usual dead expression.

'You ungrateful piece of shit, if you weren't the young master I would have killed you right here.' The man was enraged by the boys careless attitude, cursing the boy in his mind but trying to not let any killing intent leak.

"Lets get going, where is the car?" The boy asked, he had sensed the killing intent as well as the disdain in the other guys eyes but the boy couldn't care less as if used to things like that.

It must be known that the man wasn't bad at hiding his inner thoughts but the boy was unusually very sensitive towards such things.

"Yes young master, this way." The man lead the way and the boy followed, by now the man had gotten his emotions under control.

After walking for some time, a car appeared in front of them which would make any mans mouth drool with its red color and amazing design was parked. The man grabbed the car's door and as if sensors were installed in it to recognize the owner, it opened its two doors.

The man waited for the boy to sit inside before sitting in himself. The car started levitating and asked for there destination. "Home." The man replied and moved his hand to press a red button but was stopped by the boys voice "Don't use warp." The man felt anger being ordered around but still complied.

As the boy looked at the streets, the man said "Your school leave ends tomorrow, doesn't it?"

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"...Yes. Today is my last day off." The boys lifeless voice felt even more lifeless as he thought 'I guess that hell is going to start again. I wish I could just die than I won't have to go there anymore.'

An air of depression was surrounding the boy, his lifeless eyes, looking even more dead.

An extremely wicked smile surfaced on the mans face, before his poker face returned.

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