The Secrets They Hold

[WARNING : MATURE CONTENT] Every each person holds a dark and deep secret in their hands. And hers is a crime. ... Veda Ambrose, a supermodel who has gained both fame and wealth. She is a dream that every man desires and every woman craves to be. But who would have thought a perfect woman like her has been veiling the bitter secret in her palm the whole time? She messed with the wrong person in the past. Veda Ambrose committed a murder. A crime which she could never run away from forever. She even changed her name, moved her house and switched her car, just to hide from that perilous man, Edward Gable. Unintentionally, she killed his lover. It was not purposely. It was a mistake. But what she had done could not be changed. So she got an option to run away from him only. Still, he managed to discover her always. Not to mention the fact that Edward Gable is one of the crime lords. Now he has appeared in front of her after five years. He has come to make her repay for the crime she has wronged. However, Veda Ambrose refuses the fate and asks for help from another man instead. The man who can rescue her only in this tough situation, Lucius Ford.

Hera_Cordelia · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
220 Chs

Urgent situation

"Veda! Wake up!"

A voice echoed the house. Startling the girl who was in bed still. Due to surprise, she sat up immediately; only to suffer from the migraine. "Ugh..." a groan escaped between her lips. Squeezing her eyes tight in agony. She should stop panicking over mere things.

Or else, she would end up losing her life at young age. "Veda! Come down already! School is not waiting for you to arrive! You better be all ready in fifteen minutes!" with a hint of frustration, the woman yelled for one more time. Causing the girl to grit her teeth in fury.

No, she should not get mad at her mother, more likely to describe stepmother. Veda Amos, the orphan who was adopted by a married couple a few years ago. Since the couple could not get a child because of some issues, they decided to adopt a child to bring joy into their lives.

Now, they truly were delighted to have a child named Veda Amos who was around six years old. Instead of abusing, they took care of the girl as their real daughter. Showering the girl with all the affection. "Sorry for the delay, mom" Veda apologized with a smile on her face.

Approaching near to the dining table where her stepparents were at. "It is fine, sweetheart. Make sure not to wake up late next time" Irena also known as the stepmother of the girl, alerted. Wearing a gentle beam on her face. "Come on, sit. Your mom made your favorite breakfast"

Luke, the stepfather notified.

"Really?!" out of thrill, Veda raised her voice. Eyes sparkling in bliss as her gaze landed on the plate. There it was, the waffle and chicken alluring her to eat them. Without hesitating, the girl settled down at the seat. "Thank you for breakfast!" she expressed gratitude.

Bringing up a wide grin on her parents faces. The sight of their daughter enjoying the breakfast delighted them. Luke and Irena were not a rich couple who would buy an expensive car for a birthday gift to their beloved daughter. They were just an average couple.

But could give love, could pour all their affection onto someone. They lived the life peacefully without any hassles. They had no worries about money. They found it pleasant. "Don't forget to help people who needs you, Veda. Do not act arrogant to your friends, ok?"

Irena lectured as soon as the girl lifted the backpack from the chair after finishing breakfast. "This is already seventy sixth time, mom. My brain has memorized your words" Veda joked. Causing Luke to laugh out loud in entertainment while Irena glared at her husband.

The couple walked near to the girl who was about to leave. Irena knelt down as Luke stood beside his daughter since he was going to drop her off at school on the way to his work. "Take care of yourself, sweetheart. Don't come back with bruises on your body"

In concerned tone, Irena warned.

Earning a nod back from the girl. "Take care, mom. I love you" Veda grinned. Cupping the cheeks of the woman. She leaned in, only to plant a kiss on her mother's forehead. "I love you too, sweetheart" Irena whispered. "Say it to me as well, darling!" Luke requested.

"No. Go to work already, jerk" Heartlessly, Irena refused. Causing the girl to giggle in amusement while Luke pouted in disappointment. "You are going to regret what you said if I ever died today" Luke guilt tripped his wife. Making Irena glared at him.

"Seriously? How many times do I have to warn you not to say words like that?!" The woman frowned. Disliking the words of the man. "Veda" Luke voiced. Signaling her daughter to shut her eyes. And the girl squeezed her eyes tight. "What are you doing?! Let me go, asshole!"

Irena complained as soon as the man pulled her between his arms. "I am not until you say you love me" Luke threatened. Annoying the woman. "You are lucky that I don't want my daughter to be late for school" Irena rolled her eyes and muttered. "I love you, Luke"

She whispered. Delighting the man wholly so that he leaned in. The couple shared an embrace along with a kiss. "Let's go, my love" Thrillingly, Luke walked out of the house with the girl after murmuring to his wife how much he love her. Irena stayed behind in silence.

Cheeks reddening;

because of the kiss she shared with her husband and his confession. "Bye!" she waved at the two. Smiling in delight as her husband and daughter left the house. A pair of father and daughter got into the car. Directing to the school of the girl. "Take care, my love"

Luke voiced. Smiling when they reached to the school as Veda got out of the car. Waving her hand at her father with a wide grin tugged at her lips. "You too, dad!" she shouted. "Love you!" Luke yelled. Causing the girl to giggle in amusement. "I love you too!"

Veda shouted back. Rushing into the school since she was a few minutes late already. Like that, Veda spent hours at school. Studying, playing with friends and enjoying the lunch. Slowly, the time to leave had arrived. The children walked out, only to encounter the parents at the gate.

But there was a problem. Commonly, Luke would be standing behind of the crowd of parents while leaning on the car patiently. Now, there was no car nor no man across the road. Veda let out a sigh. Her father must be working really hard at the work so that he was late today.

The girl stood in front of the gate as the crowd commenced to separate. One by one, all the children left the school with their parents. In the end, Veda was the only one at the gate. Breeze brushed her face. Causing the girl to lower her head. She fidgeted in worry quietly.

Fear began to spike up inside her.

Feeling scared to be alone. "Veda.." at the same moment, a woman voiced. Capturing the girl's attention fully. With a hint of surprise, she looked up to the right side where the voice came from, only to meet her teacher. She was not alone anymore. Someone had appeared.

"I called your father for three times already, sweetheart. But he did not answer any call" the woman notified. Disappointing the girl totally. What was happening so that her father could not even pick up a phone? Was he getting scolded by the boss?

Was he working hard because of the pressure? "Do you want me to call your mother?" The woman queried in concern. "It is fine, teacher. I will just walk back to house" Veda disclosed. Shocking the woman wholly. "No, Veda. I cannot let you" she protested.

"But dad isn't answering phone call. I don't want to disturb mom as well. She can't walk out in hot weather like this as you know, teacher" The girl grumbled. Pointing out the fact that Irena was suffering from heart disease and could not be in heat for more than an hour.

"Are you aware of the house address then?" The woman asked. Earning a nod back from the girl. "Great. We are going together" the woman affirmed. However, the phone call interrupted. Another problem had occurred. The woman picked up the call.

Only to tremble in fear later.

She put her phone back into the purse after finished hearing the news. Eyes shaking in horror as if she just heard something shocking. Veda stared up at the woman in tranquility. She noticed the mess already. Knowing something occurred on teacher's side.

"Sweetheart, I am so sorry. I don't think I can send you back to home. My mother is in hospital right now. It's said someone hit her with the truck. I have to be there with mother. I am so sorry" the teacher apologized. Quivering in panic. Her hands shuddered in anxiety.

With a smile tugged at her lips, Veda nodded. "I understand you, teacher. My house is not that far from here also. I can walk by myself" she stated. Causing the woman to grit her teeth in frustration. This was an urgent situation. She had no options.

Even though she clearly required to send the girl back to her house as a duty of teacher, her mother was in danger. She could not help it either. She had to choose her mother over others. There was no other opportunities to pick in this tough and difficult situation.

"Don't forget to call me when you arrive back to your house, ok?" She advised. Earning a nod back from the girl. "Do not turn your head back if a creepy man ever called you. If something ever happened, run into the crowd. Ask for help from adults" the teacher warned.

"Yes, I understand"

Veda replied. "Then see you" the woman grinned. And the two headed to opposite ways. One directed to hospital as the other returned back to her house. Walking back to home alone was a huge challenge for Veda since she had never done it before even for once.

Instead of fearing over the fact that she, a child around six years old was walking alone at evening, she concerned about her father more. What was going on? The only question she had on her mind at the moment. Veda glanced around before crossing the road.

She walked straight to the path which would lead her to the house. However, her steps ceased when she met two men brawling in the alley. One was strangling another man who was unconscious. Blood was all over the ground where they were fighting.

It frightened the girl entirely so that she froze. Her eyes widened. This could not be happening for real. Veda soothed herself before freaking out. She inhaled a deep breath. Deciding to pass through the way. There was no options for her to choose.

She got this alleyway to pass through to reach back. This was the only way. And this scene in front of her could not be real either. She must be seeing things because of anxiety and fear. She must be out of her mind right now so that terrifying scenes began to appear.

"How courageous of you.."

A man voiced and turned around.

Startling the girl wholly.