The Secrets They Hold Book

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The Secrets They Hold


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[WARNING : MATURE CONTENT] Every each person holds a dark and deep secret in their hands. And hers is a crime. ... "Get on the bed right now" He commanded, a scowl upon his face expressed the irritation. "No. Don't order me what to do. He only wanted a friendly hug" She convinced him. Backing up slowly as he approached. "Get. On. The. Bed. Right. Now" But he refused to listen to her. Shooting glare which pushed her to obey at last. "Chain yourself" Once again, he gave an order. His gaze focused on her with full of exasperation. "You need to hear me out for a minute at least because I did nothing wrong in fact" Defending herself, she stated. "Patience is escaping away from my grasp, Veda Ambrose" He called her full name. "Do I really have to do this?!" When she could not handle it anymore, a yell slipped out from her lips. Bothering the man more. "You asked for it, love" Under his breath, he alerted. Stepping near to her as she panicked. "Wait! Wait! What are you trying to do?" She frowned. "Well, tying you up in my bed" He flashed a smile. Completely stunning Veda. In a blink, her hands were roped to the bed headboard. "Hold on! What are you on?!" Veda's eyes widened. The sight of him pulling the loaded gun out shocked her. "I crave to fuck you with this, darling. You will be satisfied. I can guarantee it" A smirk smeared up across his face. ... Synopsis Veda Ambrose, a supermodel who has gained both fame and wealth. She is a dream that every man desires and every woman craves to be. But who would have thought a perfect woman like her has been veiling the bitter secret in her palm the whole time? She messed with the wrong person in the past. Veda Ambrose committed a murder. A crime which she could never run away from forever. She even changed her name, moved her house and switched her car, just to hide from that perilous man, Edward Gable. Unintentionally, she killed his lover. It was not purposely. It was a mistake. But what she had done could not be changed. So she got an option to run away from him only. Still, he managed to discover her always. Not to mention the fact that Edward Gable is one of the crime lords. Now he has appeared in front of her after five years. He has come to make her repay for the crime she has wronged. However, Veda Ambrose refuses the fate and asks for help from another man instead. The man who can rescue her only in this tough situation, Lucius Ford.