1 Chapter 1

it has been almost 3 years since the twins were born and they are as energetic as ever. the day after tomorrow they officially turn 3 and currently while Anthony is out being an alpha Emily and I are planning their third birthday party and writing the few friends they have gotten from preschool.

Emily thought it would be a good idea to have it at a bounce house and I decided to go along with it since it's their birthday not only them but their friend should be having fun although I doubt they'll really even remember it.

CRASH! I heard something break in the other room and ran out to see what it was they're on the floor I was a broken cookie jar with cookies all over the place

"Mommy it's all my fault I didn't mean to I'm weally sowwy" Sarana said running to me "you did this?" I asked bending down to her level "I was twying to get cookies and they fell on the fwoor and bwoke" she said with a sad face.

I shook my head and stood up grabbing the broom and dust pan then handed them to her. what's funny is I knew she actually didn't do it it was her brother but Sarana as an extremely kind heart and she doesn't like it when he gets in trouble so she always make sure to take the punishment.

of course I've tried to correct this in the past but everything I tried doesn't work with it and she always takes the punishment so when I know she didn't actually do it I just give her a light punishment and then give her brother a lecture later.

"WHERE ARE MY FAVORITE TWINS" I heard emily yell as she walked in the door. the twins immediately ran and hugged her and she picked them up holding each on both sides of her hips.

"Aunt Em did you bring us any tweats?" Xavier asked "I don't know we're you two good" she replied "Yes" they said at the same time and Emily looked up at me "yes they were good" I linked her and she put them down then pulled candy out of her pocket and handed it to each twin.

"So how's number 3 doing?" Emily asked walking over to me. I put my had on my stomach "good" I replied "That's mine GIVE.... IT BACK...." Sarana yelled and the next thing I know all the windows on the first floor smash at once.

"Xavier, Sarana, are you to ok" I said running over to them "What happened?" "Xavi took my candy" She said tears in her eyes "you took my twoys earlier" he yelled back "Xavi where did you learn that word from" I asked "mommy" he said "ok" I said and nodded "You two go up to your room Mommy is gonna clean up down here ok" I said and they nodded and ran up stairs.

I stood up and looked at Emily, and she gave me the same look back then walked over to me "that's a little earlier then I expected" she said "Yeah" I replied grabbing the broom and dustpan "were also gonna have to tell Anthony to" I said as I began to broom up the broken glass.

"do you want me to watch them for a bit while you go tell him because I think its better to tell him in person what happened here" she said "No it's fine they haven't see their grandparents in awhile anyway so I'll just drop them off there for now" I said picking up the dust pan and throwing away the broken glass.

"Alright then I'll get going" emily said walking out the door and I sighed 'Why do I have a bad feeling' I thought to my self. I quickly shook it off and pulled my phone out of my pocket and called Rosa.

it rang a few times then she picked up "hello" she said. "Hey Mom would it be fine if I dropped the kids off for a bit?" I asked ".Ita videlicet cara mihi fac eos laborum" ("yes of course dear I'll prepare some snacks for them") she said happily. "Et protinus te videre et magni" ("Great I'll see you soon then") I replied and hung up the phone.

"Sarana fuisse Xaverium: hic venit" ("Sarana, Xavier come here") I yelled up the stairs. "venit mama" ("coming mama") they yelled at the same time. the twins were fast learners they were very good at learning latin.

I hurried them into the car and strapped them into their car seats, then I got into the driver seat started the car and drove off to my in-laws house.

when I got there Rosa was already waiting she quickly got the twins out of their car seat and took them side she was so preoccupied I'm pretty sure she forgot about me.

I drove off to the pack house and after about 10 minutes I got there parked the car and walk straight to Anthony's office and knocked on the door "come in" he said and I opened the door to see him talking to Tyler and Diana.

"I'm not interrupting anything am I?" I asked I'm sure "no not at all they were just leaving" Anthony said I see ushered them out the door, then closed it after they left.

"what's up my beautiful mate" he said giving me a kiss "we need to talk" I said "about what" he questioned "our kids" I replied "what about them they're perfect little angels" he said and I chuckled "yes I know that but something happened today and let's just say we need new windows" I said.

"what happened did someone try to come after you three" Anthony asked checking me over to make sure I wasn't hurt "no it's nothing like that. it seems Sarana has awakened her abilities early" I continued.

"what do you mean?" he asked "the twins got in a small fight earlier and Sarana got mad and when she did all the windows on the first floor basically exploded" I said "but how you didn't even awaken your own powers until 3 years ago" he said confused.

"I don't know maybe it has something to do with them being 50% wolf 25% Lycan and 25% Witch, honestly I think we'll need to consult with about them I mean Sarana blew up all the windows on the first floor by accident and as she gets older those abilities are going to get stronger and who knows when Xavier will get his abilities if he even does I just want to be prepared" I said hugging Anthony

"I know okay I will call one of my friends who is a witch maybe she can help us she's dealt with all kinds of things like this before" Anthony said consoling me.

"I really hope so because I don't want to risk losing them" I replied.

To Be Continued

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