The secrets of lost cityThe secrets of lost city

The secrets of lost city

by HellRocker101

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If I die, all of you may live. If I don’t, you should all forget about even thinking that you can walk out of here alive.  "You're crazy." "Only for you." "Don't leave me." She blurted out without thinking. "I won't, not even if you beg me to. You're mine until death do us apart, and even when it does, I will seek you out in our next life." He declared, his arms tightening around her. He was sure of it. Nothing in this world could separate him from her. He was too deeply in love with her to even fathom the idea of leaving her. “I fear most that all of you would forget about me if I disappear from this world one day. I wish that all of you could remember me forever. That way, it would prove that I didn’t lead my life for nothing.” Liking someone only needs a single glance, but loving someone requires an entire lifetime. A journey of a person who end up doing a thing that no one would forget for ages. “Live because of you, die because of you!” History are made by those who go beyond fear.. Death I don't fear death because death fear's from me. “I want you. I don’t know if I love you but I know that I like you a lot. I like your smile, I like looking at you and I don’t wish to see you sad. The reason I’m doing all this is all because of you. If someone were to lay their hands on you, I won’t allow it, no matter who they are. Is my desire to monopolize too strong? I’m only afraid that you’ll feel aggrieved if you were to be with me.”

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