1 Chapter One

Cheval was angry, whether it was towards monsters or towards the fact that Mitsuki agreed with Lillia he wasn't sure. Although he hadn't spoken to Mitsuki since the incident last year he was sure she felt the same; her parents had been killed by monsters as well. As he thought so he was started by a rustle in the bushes. Quickly getting on guard he was surprised to find it was Mitsuki but she didn't seem to notice him.

On her face was an unfamiliar scowl of the like he had never seen on her. Without thinking he followed her.

He walked behind her hidden from view quietly until she stopped at these strange ruins depicting some legend about the Blight.

"I hate you."

He tensed, had she found him? Did she really hate him? He didn't know why but the thought kind of hurt. But his worries were for not.

"It's disgusts me how easily the two of you gave in. Resigned yourself really to have a child like me. I hate how weak you both were."

That's when Cheval remembered what the Chief had told Lillia and him. Mitsuki's parents had been weakened by illness and died when they were attacked by a monster.

"I won't end up like you. I won't give in and resign to my fate. It's funny I see Cheval going on to a path similar to my own, I know he'll probably end up being swallowed up by it like you two were, but I can't bring myself to tell him. It'd be hypocritical. My hatred of you continues to fester and that seed you both were so afraid of continues to sprout. But I won't give in to it."

Cheval watched in horror as she cut her palm and a black substance he was all too familiar with leaked into a pot at her feet. "This pot that's filled with the Blight that's feeding off my hatred for you. One day I will find a way to erase it from me. And once I do that maybe I'll be able to speak with Cheval about the consequences of allowing anger and hatred to fester. But right now he should be safe."

She sighed. "I just pray that the Blight doesn't take a liking to him as it did me."