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The Secret She Keeps


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:”You killed my child!!!!! :” Your Childs still alive. :” What!?!?? :” You know your first born child didn’t die she was still alive up til she was 10 years old she is dead now. Where did things go wrong. Oh yeah now I remember it went wrong when I met Mason when I was 18 and got married to him. What a fucking scumbag Don’t worry my Dragienien mafia family isn’t someone that will just die we will be back and I swear we will!!!!! Aaahhh it’s Lily and Jake, huh? The ones that saved my daughter from Mason. Indeed I am grateful for them but because of them my life turned out to be horrible and miserable. Why do I get such a bad life. I know it was not Mason alone that did all these thing I know who it is, it’s Windstorm family!!! How dare they, just wait I will pay them ten- no 100 folds back!!!! My revenge shall begin. Wait a god damn minute everything is changing Lily’s mother was supposed to be dead when Lily was 3 years old, but how is she alive!!! And I am not a girl named Celestial, wait is she my mothers sister that died along time ago before she even met dad, but how come I look like her and how come I be the key to wake my mothers mother up from her schoke when my mothers sister died, and how come Lily’s mother is my AUNT!!!!!! THERE IS A LOT OF THINGS I DIDNT KNOW ABOUT MY MOTHER


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