1 The Quiet Morning

It was a quiet morning in the town of Plavercille. The birds were chirping and the Sun was sending gentle rays of sunlight down. Cars were driving down the street on their daily commute to work or school. Inside one house in particular a boy stretched and opened his eyes. "Is it already time to get up" he asked with a yawn. Glancing over at his clock he saw that it was indeed 6:00. "Jason! Get up your going to be late for school!" The boy named Jason sighed. He didn't particularly hate school but he also didn't think a lot of it was necessarily needed. Also as a senior in Highschool he stood at the top of the school anyway and was expected to know what he was going to do when he graduated. Something that he didn't particularly bother with thinking about, at least for the time being. Knowing that his mom would keep on bothering him until he got up. He sighed again and stood up. Glancing over at the mirror his reflection stared back at him his height being obvious to him all of a sudden as lacking. Now Jason wasn't the smallest person in his class or his school by a long shot but nor was he the tallest. If he had to guess where he was he would have guessed around 5'5 to 5'6. His body was muscular but not particularly built, it was obvious that even though he worked out on a consistent basis his stomach was refusing to lose that bit of belly weight. "Eh not a big deal really" he thought to himself as he got into the shower. While in the shower he thought about the dream he had had. It had definitely been a interesting one but not one he could remember well. All he remembered was that he had very much enjoyed it. Getting out of the shower he got dressed into his normal school clothes. His normal outfit consisted of a T-shirt and a pair of jeans with a belt. The only thing that most people found weird if they were able to recognize it was the composite toe boots that he wore. Going down the stairs from his room he was still trying to remember his dream but it still evaded him. The only thing that he could remember was a glowing figure on a throne of fire saying "Welcome last of the race of the Savitir".

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