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"You could call me Lei"... "Even though we're in the same industry, I won't go against you"..... "Why did you betray me? Betray our feelings?" ...….. "Let's break up, we could only be rivals."


The alarm clock rings and wakes Xia Xi up. She sat up from her bed and touched her head, "AHHH, why do I keep having the same dream over and over again." It's been 10 years already and Xia Xi's been dreaming the same thing. She quickly got out of bed and went straight to the bathroom to wash up.

Today is a big day for Xia Xi. It's the day that she's getting promoted as vice president for one of the biggest fashion industries, De Lin. She had been working at De Lin since she was in graduate school. She started as an intern and slowly climbed up through her hard work over the past years.


As Xia Xi is brushing her teeth, the doorbell rings. "Ughh, coming." <<DING DONG>> "I said I'm coming. Who is it this early?" as she grunted. "GOOD MORNING!!," as a voice calls out. Xia Xi opens the door and sees Han Chen standing outside with breakfast in his hand. After seeing who it is, Xia Xi walks away. "Hey, I bought breakfast for your first day as vice president and as executive chief fashion designer. But why are you acting so grumpy?" as he went straight to the kitchen and put the breakfast down on the table. Xia Xi didn't answer him, and continued brushing her teeth. "Why are you getting ready just now?" Shouldn't you get there early today?"

After ten minutes, Xia Xi came out all dressed up. "Don't worry I won't be late." She sat down at the table and started eating. "Did you hear the news today?" as Han Chen poured a glass of milk for Xia Xi. "What news? I've been so busy lately to care about those things." Han Chen sat down and looked at her. "You didn't hear? I heard that our company is going against the Lei's for this year's annual fashion show." Xia Xi dropped her fork and looked at Han Chen. "Is this real?" Han Chen nodded and gave a worried look to Xia Xi.

Xia Xi noticed his look and continued eating. "It doesn't matter if it's the Lei's we're going against. We're gonna win like we always do. Am I right?" as she gave him a reassuring smile. Han Chen smiled back and continued eating. "This day has finally come," as Xia Xi thought to herself.

At De Lin...

"Good Morning everybody," as Xia Xi walks in the building and greets everyone she sees. "Good morning, Xia Xi," as Fan Fan, her assistant walks up to her. "You have two meetings today and President Chu Yu wants to see you right now." Xia Xi hands her bag and jacket over to Fan Fan, and walks up to Chu Yu's office.


"Come in." Xia Xi walked in and saw Chun Yu sitting at his chair. "Good morning, president Chun Yu. I heard that you called me." Chun Yu looked up, "Oh yea, I did. Today's your first day as vice president and I just want to tell you that if you need any help, just ask me." Xia Xi smiled at him, "okay," 'What help can you even give me,' as Xia Xi thought to herself. "Uhmm is that it?" as Xia Xi asked him. Chun Yu thought about it for awhile, " Oh right, you heard about this year's fashion show right?" Xia Xi nods her head. "Good, I want you to go to Paris and make the arrangements. This year's fashion show will be hosted in Paris and I need you to go there to make some arrangements." "Okay, let me see my schedule first." "I want you to go there tomorrow. Even though the show is at the end of the year, I want you to go now. Don't make me disappointed." Xia Xi kept her professional face and said okay.

Once she got back to her office, she called Fan Fan in. "I need you to help me book a plane ticket to Paris tomorrow."

"Tomorrow? That fast? But you have three meetings with the fabric factories tomorrow."

"Rearranged them for me and I'll have the meeting with them when I come back."

"Ok, is there anymore?"

"There's no more. You can go back out right now." Once Fan Fan left the room, Xia Xi went straight back to work.

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