1 Prologue

Ava was in her bedroom, recovering from the beastly assault that she had gone through.

It had been two days since the pack and the beast God had ravaged her but her body could still feel them inside her. It was like they had left their mark on her.

"Babe.." Vishous' soft voice whispered near her ear. She was lying with her eyes closed so she had not even realized when he had come inside.

She did not reply.

"They are here." He said.

Ava's body stiffened immediately and her eyes opened.

"So early?" It were just Eight o' clock in the evening.

"They could not wait. You have seen how they looked at you when we were not mated, have not you?"

Today was the day when the Alphas of other neighbouring pack had been invited to take Ava. It was a ritual that increased the strength of the pack and the bond between the Alpha and the Luna.

Ava shivered from the intensity in his voice. Although he was talking calmly, his every word was coming out angry and forced.

"They wanted to fuck your slick cunt every time you came in front of their eyes. I do not even remember how many times I had heard them talk about how badly they wanted to have a fucking piece out of you."

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He bent down low, and grabbed her hairs in a fist. Ava gasped and her hand flew to come over his hand.

"Tell me you will not let them possess you. Say the word that you belong to only me."

The intensity in his eyes was so fierce that Ava became a bit scared. But she was not surprised. She had now become his mate. It was normal for him to be this angry and jealous.

"What if I become a whore for them?" She teased, "what if I liked the way they fuck me more than you?"

She felt his fist tightening over her head, painfully clutching her hair in a tight fist. But she continued, she was enjoying his feelings way too much, she slithered forward, took out her tongue from her mouth and swiped it over his jeans right where his monster cock was straining painfully against the thick cloth.

"I like the way you taste, honey." She whispered seductively, "but what if I liked anyone else more?"

Vishous growled at her like an animal trying to get out of its cage. His anger wss right at the edge and Ava had just crossed the limits.

He dragged her over in bed to make her sit right at the edge of bed in a sitting position. He threw her down on the bed again like a rag doll, his hand was still clutching her hair in a fist while a sharp slap landed on her pert ass cheeks.

Ava instantly gasped and tried to get out of his grip forcefully.

"Vishous!" She begged in fear, knowing exactly what she had just done, "Leave me.""

But Vishous did not. He had known all along that she was trying to pick a fight with a beast. Now she will have to pay back for what she had done.

His heavy hand harshly slapped her ass cheeks again and again, enjoying the sound of her cries and still craving for more.

Ava's round, plushy butt had turned completely red from his assault. He kept slapping her pretty ass again and again, like a machine that could not be stopped, but he was not satisfied. He wanted to leave his mark on her.

Ava sobbed in as much pain as pleasure. She could feel the cum drip down from her pussy hole to the bed sheet.

"See.." he sneered, enjoying the view of his bright red hand prints on her miky white skin,

"Now you do not need to worry about liking anybody else's ugly dick inside your juicy cunt. You are going to remember who can make this pussy weep like a fucking whore with a good beating. You got me?"

Ava sobbed and quickly nodded her head in acceptance. She just wanted to be fucked so badly. She needed something inside her dripping core. *Anything*

While she cried softly in desperate need, a voice from outside interrupted them.

"They are here." 

Vishous pulled Ava upright in his lap and gave her a hungry kiss on the mouth.

"Now go. They are waiting for you." He whispered before giving her one last kiss.

"How many are there?" She asked softly.


"Fuck." She sighed but could not ignore the excitement that filled her.

Ava stood up and instantly winced. Her ass was hurting so bad and she was horny as hell. She grabbed a red, knee length robe from the side table, and put it on.

She started to walk out but Vishous grabbed her hand and pulled her to him. In a swift move, she was up in his arms bridal style.

Ava snuggled against his chest, inhaling the musky aroma that he always emitted from his body. It was beautiful. It was home.

Vishous walked out of the hall and then out of the house, cuddling her close to him like his most prized possession.

He walked for a few minutes before coming to the outside area and in front of a villa.

This was given to the Alphas to create an atmosphere according to their liking for the ritual.

Vishous made Ava stand on her feet and then knocked on the door.

It opened with a creek after a couple of minutes but no one came out.

"Babe." Vishous softly said and kissed her good bye. "I will see you tomorrow."

Ava nodded in acceptance and entered the villa. 

The door behind her got closed shut with a loud thud.

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