1 The guy who I’d met with a kiss

I opened the window of the car as I let the wind blow on my face. My hair fluttering with the wind as I gaze upon the deep sea on the horizon.

Hoshi no umi Town. This is the place where I met someone with a kiss.

Thinking back to it now I can't help but get agitated. "Kuso! I swear If I ever see that man again I'll rip him apart!"

I said while clenching my fist. I really don't remember what happened that day, all I know is that I fell asleep at the beach and the first thing I saw when I woke up was a young man with brown hair leaning down his lips already touching mine!

After that I quickly got up and because of my anger I unconsciously punched him in the face and ran away.

"Sigh... I always thought that my first kiss would be with my husbando but no! It had to be with a stranger! Kuso!!"


I opened the door of the as I got off carrying my baggage with me. I looked around my surroundings as I felt breeze of fresh air blow towards me as if welcoming me back to this town.

"It's been 2 years since I came back here but it seemed like nothing has changed." I thought to myself as I walk on the seaside towards my aunties house.

As I walked towards the house I couldn't help but gaze at the sea. I don't know myself when I started to love the sea, but I still feel like there's a connection between us.

It's already around Six in the evening and the sun is already setting. As night drew near I saw for a brief moment in which half of the sky was golden while half was filled with stars. I couldn't help but stop as I gaze towards the sunset and saw a man riding on top of the waves.

When I was about to walk closer towards the beach to see the face of the man I suddenly heard a voice calling me from behind.

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