The Sea of Our Love Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Sea of Our Love


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Minji, an orthopedic surgeon who came to South Korea, so that she can be near to the person she loved for 10 years. How unfortunate she was, that the person she ever fell in love with was the most popular worldwide known artist, Jeon Jungkook, of the world's most famous boy band BTS. She didn't even expect to see him once also, but who knew within a year being in South Korea she would actually meet him and a unique bond would be formed between them. The love story which started quiet mysteriously, where will it go now?? It's a classic love story, fill with Love, Joy, Happiness, a bit mystery, a bit sadness also. It's just a normal love story of two people who will fall in love with each other as they get to know each other more. Hope you like this story!!


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