1 Prologue

He tiptoed as he walked on the hallway out to this mansion. He carefully escaped the bodyguards and smiled triumphantly as the bodyguards don't seem to notice him escaping and opening the door to the kitchen leading to the exit. He tiptoed again and when we was about to step out outside, he was halted by a voice.

"Where are you going—" he automatically shushed the man and signaled to keep quiet. The man just raised his eyebrows in confusion and then looked at him. The man noticed his backpack and sighed and looked at him again with understanding.

"You know you're not allowed to step outside this mansion. You're—why are you doing this?" The man seems to give up arguing with him when he just gave a stern face like he was really planning on escaping this mansion and never allowing someone to ruin his plan.

"You knew why." He just simply stated and looked away. The man sighed again and opened the exit door for him. He was shocked because he thought the latter will still stop him and drag him to his father.

"I vowed to your mother for your happiness," the man smiled at him. He hugged the man and mouthed thank you. "You deserve to live the life you wanted."

He bit his lower lip to prevent himself from crying and clenched his fist.

"I'm finally...free."

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