The SchemeThe Scheme

The Scheme

by DeraTheExplorer

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Being young is not an excuse for Mal Pandora. She needs to do something to stop the growing corruption inside their school. But Mal is not a simple student. She won't waste her time doing paperwork to file a report about their Principal because she knows it doesn't work. For her, she also needs to play dirty for the dirty doings of her Principal. Mal is bold enough to execute a crazy plan, but it is THE SCHEME that will change their school and she knows it will work perfectly. Much more perfect than filing a complaint. This is a game of taking control. Her principal will do anything to maintain her position, she will not let a crazy student take away the position and power she worked hard for a long time. But Mal will do anything to win the game she started. But Mal is just the mind of the plan. She needs her friends to play roles for the scheme and it will be hard for Mal to convince them to join her insane scheme that could put them in danger. Join Mal on her twisted game as she slowly reveals the dark truths behind the system and witness how she plays the game mischievously. How she fool them by her plan and tricks and be prepared on how she can turn the table even in the worst events. This is a game of the mind, strategy, and tricks and all she needs is you to trust her. The question is. Will you trust her as she plays THE SCHEME?

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