1 Backstory - Sylvia

Hi everyone, my name is Sylvia, Sylvia Zurithium. I have wavy scarlet hair that goes down to my waist. With emerald green eyes, just like mom and dad. I'm just around 100 pounds and 5'2" in height, with a little room to grow. Also, I have a twin brother, his name is Xantos. I also have some special abilities, I'm a Sorceress.

When I turned twelve I gained the innate ability to use magic, especially lightning based magic. I don't know what my mom would think if she found out so I decide not tell her. So every evening I go to my room and practice my magic in secret. Of course it didn't take her very long to find out my little secret. To my surprise though she's a Sorceress too!

Apparently I come from a long line or Sorceresses. This all dates back to thousands of years ago when one of our ancestors mated with a dragon. Ever since all the women in our line would become a Sorceress. From then on my mother gave me basic training from the little knowledge she had. That is how we get to today.


My eyes open after a good nights rest, and it's just before the crack of dawn. My body has gotten used to this, ever since I turned twelve and started working at the family tavern. I love being able to help my parents, it saves money used to pay people. So once I turned twelve I did anything I could to help. What I do the most is help as a waitress in the tavern. I enjoy being able to talk to the adventurers that come through town, and that's what I was helping with today as well.

I get dressed in my usual outfit for the tavern. I look across the tavern and see a few random adventurers and go to see what dishes they'd like. I go and request the dishes at the kitchen, where I see Xantos helping with dishes. We talk about a few things until the dishes are ready and I bring them over.

It's about 1 o-clock now and it's been a pretty normal day. All of a sudden though I here an explosion outside. I run outside to see what's going only to be met with a terrifying sight.

The entrance gate has been completely obliterated, with burning corpses everywhere. Several buildings have also been partially destroyed. Finally, enemy soldiers, the nightmare of any border town are marching into town.

"Everyone, it's the Adria army, you have to get out of here!" I yelled in panic

After that everyone was in a panic, everything was a blur. I remember yelling and screaming as people were slaughtered. My mom sent me to a hidden cellar that was obscured with magic. As my mom hides me, and puts the illusion back up I here armored footsteps entering the tavern.

I sit there crying, because I hear things I'll never forget. After several hours they finally leave. Still to scared to leave I stay there for several days. Finally I decide to leave to find my worst fear confirmed. I find my mom stripped with cuts and bruises everywhere, and my dad headless and bound, with his body facing my mother's.

Not able to withstand it anymore I run to the forest, hoping I'll die. I eventually collapse out of exhaustion. The last thing I remember before I passed out is a women walking up to me. She had long brown hair with a mysterious aura around her. She picked me up, and the last thing I heard was something about having a great destiny.


I wake up as light from the window filters into my room. I suddenly realize I don't recognize the room I'm in. At that moment memories from the previous day flood into my mind, like a bucket of cold water, up till the moment I passed out in the forest. I realize the room I'm in probably belongs to the mysterious woman.

I push those thought aside as I get up and see a change of clean clothes next to my bed. I get dressed and leave the room as the smell of food drifts into my nose. My stomach rumbles making the smell of food irresistible.

I make my way toward the source of the smell, and find the woman that picked me up in the forest.

"He, hello Mam, um... thank you for saving me in the forest." I said to the woman

"Oh, your awake, perfect timing I just finished making breakfast. Sit down, we'll take while we eat." Said the woman

I go and sit down at the table as she prepares a plate for the both of us. We both sit there in silence as we eat our food. After several minutes I finally introduce myself.

"My name is Sylvia Zurithium, it's nice to meet you. What's your name?" I asked

"It's nice to finally know your name Sylvia, my name is Aurelia." Said Winter to me

"So why did you bring me here Aurelia, and where is here anyway." I asked

"Well first things first, here is about 20 miles into the forest." Winter explained

She then went on to tell exactly what lead to her bringing her here. She told me that the night before she had a dream about a teen which she would find in the forest. That she needed to save and raise that girl do to her immeasurable talent. So she set out that morning to find me collapse in the forest running away from the destroyed town. She picked me up and brought me back, and now we are here. She then asked if she could take me under her wing and teach her everything she knew. I immediately accepted knowing that this would lead me to everything I ever wanted.

Over the next several years I trained under Winter's tutelage. I learned swordsmanship and sorcery, and how to use them together. I learned the ancient art of runes which have a large variety of uses.

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Over these last few years I've come to view Winter as my mother. Like any family we've had good and bad times. We're really close now it's been a little less then 9 years since then.

Today is my twenty first birthday, and as Winter knows the day I set off. I've grown a bit since then, I'm now 5'6" and 125 pounds. For my going away gift Winter gave me a Katana engraved with runes, a rune book, as well as a small storage ring that can hold a small amount of provisions and money. Last she gave me an electric blue potion, which she said only to use under dire circumstances.

Finally, it's time for me to fulfill my destiny. Little did I know just how monstrous it would be..