1 Chapter 1

The scotching sun hit across the fields,making it difficult for some of the men and women who were busy weeding and tending to plants and livestock in the field.Exhaust and thirst had taken over most if not all of them,but this was no time to rest of drink water.It was a time to work and slave away in the fields because Sir Hayes was no empath.Sir Abram Hayes owned a lot of cattle and big fields.He was a farmer of whip.Many black men and women slaved away on his lands and the hands of their forefathers had labored away for generations and generations of the Hayes family.Women would do tasks that included ploughing,tending to crops and harvesting whereas men took care of his herds of cattle and small stock.He was a very rich man.Hayes was married to Ruth Hayes and they lived on their farm alongside their two daughters and son.He had every single thing a man could ever wish for.Of course when you are a Hayes,you don't have to work hard for anything,it gets passed from your parents from their parents and great grand parents.

The men and women got so busy ensuring all their work for that day was done.Getting work done on such a hot day was no walk in the park.

Uuka looked at his ailing mother who had no choice but to soldier on.

"Mama please go sit down."

"No I cannot.We need to finish all this work and rest after we are done.Hayes will not like that suggestion one bit," mother said.

Uuka continued weeding while stealing glances at her mother who was clearly in so much pain but had to pretend she was fine.

They carried on with their work until it was almost sundown and they had to retire to their cottages.

Uuka supported his mother back to their cottage.Her health had deteriorated drearily over time and no one seemed to know what the problem with her could have been.One morning she woke up with a terrible cough no concoction or herb could ever conquer.

Uuka fixed bathing water for his mother and prepared their evening food which was more the same thing from the previous night,and other nights prior to then.Usually their food was maize,rice,peas,dried beans and poor meat cuts.The whole point however was to not starve.

After helping his mother with bathing and eating he put her to bed.

"Son,"his mother said weakly.

"You do not look too well today," Uuka said.

"I do not feel quite well son," cough "could you kindly read the bible for your mama before she goes to sleep."

"Anything for you mama,"said Uuka as he took the bible and took his seat beside his mother's bed and opened the bible.

After reading for a lengthy time he realized his mother had dozed off so he closed it and put it beside her pillow,just the way she loved.

He quietly went outside for a walk.He needed to unwind and stop thinking too much about his mother being too unwell.He also needed a miracle if at all the white man,Jesus,really did exist.Lost in his thoughts,his feet carried him as he wandered absent minded into the territory of the white man.

The swift movement of grass and the breaking of twigs snapped him out of his thoughts as he realized he was where he should not be at that particular time.Clearly something or perhaps somebody was following him.He retreated and once again froze in his footsteps as the sound of footsteps in the tall grass approached him.

His heart thudded so hard across his chest as countless thoughts flooded his head.He got scared at the thought of having to be caught and getting whipped in public the following day.

Meanwhile in the grasses,Eartha Hayes observed this tall masculine man and his every swift movement.His black skin so shinny against the moon light,and his veined hands looked so strong and yet so tender.His shirt was folded really nicely and neat,and it was tucked in.She looked at him with so much admiration and strong desire.She slowly walked out of the grass towards his perplexed self.

He quickly looked away as it looking at the Missus and her daughters would be misinterpreted for desire.Looking at the English men in the eye was forbidden and was an act of perversion.

"I am sorry Miss.I took a walk and ended up here," pleaded Uuka as he avoided eye contact.

"You are not supposed to walk these grounds at this hour.If papa finds out you shall be in trouble," Eartha said.

"I am sorry miss it shall never happen again."

"Its going to take a lot more than that to keep me quiet,"

"I don't understand miss," Uuka said,still avoiding eye contact.

"Let's meet tomorrow right here,around this time....",

A voice from afar shouted startling both of them.

"Who is out there at this late hour of night!?" Sir Hayes bellowed from afar.

"Tomorrow,we need to meet here.If you do not want papa knowing you trespassed." She said disappearing into the dark.

"ITS JUST ME PAPA.!"she yelled back as she ran back to her old man.

Uuka hurried back to his cottage,nervous with sweaty palms.No one ever wanted to have any alterations with the white man.The constant cursing and occasional whipping was enough as it is.