The Saiyan Among Heroes(FF)

(This is just the same as the other The Saiyan Among Heroes But moved it over to fan-fic. This is where ill be posting the rest of the chapters from now on) Shin was an ordinary kid, living his life as best he could. playing and hanging out with his friends, going out on dates with his girlfriend, doing whatever he wants. But there was one thing he liked most ANIME. Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fairy Tail, One Piece you name it, he watched it. but there were two animes he loved most DBZ and MHA. As Shin was coming back home after buying snacks and drinks to watch the new DBZ movie. He was unfortunately hit by the infamous Truck-Kun. Watch as Shin takes over the MHA world by storm and becomes the most powerful hero the world has ever known. will he rise up the ranks and demolish everything and everyone or will something sinister take place?

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Meeting GOD

"Ah I see you're finally awake"

Shin turned around to see an old man sitting behind a desk filled with paperwork

"Who are you?" Shin was confused he knew, he read about this many times since he also read fan-fiction which many people refer to as Isekai but reading something and Experiencing something were completely different things.

"Shin, I am your father"


"HA! shoulda seen your face man haaa. I always wanted to say that line. man I love Star Wars but to more pressing issues, Shin as you can guess "


As the person said, he waited to see shin's reaction. anger, sadness, confusion any type of emotion anybody would show if they heard that they were dead

but that never came

"Ah, I see Truck-kun finished me off"

the man raised his eyebrow "Are you not sad? angry even? after all you did just die with unfinished business"

Shin just shook his head " No, in fact, I'm a little happy. Back on earth, you were always expected to do things that everybody else does and if you don't meet their expectations then you are looked upon as if you some mental deficiency. do you know how it feels? to always be the same without variety in life? doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting different results yet always being the same. Tell me God or whoever you are do you what's that called?

"GOD" slightly smirks at this "What?"

Shin pointed to his head


"God" just laughed "I see, mind explaining a little more shin? I'm very interested in your point of view on this

"Humanity was made to be different. Every individual is unique in their own way while simultaneously different and through this way, not only do we evolve as a species but as people as well."

Shin continued to talk as he sat down in front of "God"

"But as we evolve as a species we grow a weakness"

"And what's that?" "God" questioned

"Of the unknown"

"We grow complacent and safe with our environment, not venturing into the unknown as it might change our current way of life and if we see something different that scares us then"

"You crush it, outcast it, do anything in our power to never see it in the light of day. So we stay the same everyday same routine, never going out of our way to try something different in fear of being looked upon as some type freak."

"Same routine"

"Same results"

"And that's"


"and that of itself means how to be"


"God" just sat there for a few minutes, silence no word spoken between. "God" looked like he was in deep thought and why not, just after what Shin just said, who wouldn't take a second to digest what was just said. after a while of not talking "God" just look at Shin with a smile

"very interesting point you made Shin. You brought a lot to the table truly you are a special type of snowflake and so because of that"

"I would like to make a deal with you"

Shin looked confused at the suggestion " a deal?

Then "God" smirked "reincarnation to any world you want to go. Fiction or non-fiction you decided and as a bonus, I'll even grant you 3 wishes but be warned no overpowered bullshit wishes like infinite mana or whatnot

Shin took a moment to ponder about it and asked "Why are you doing this"

"god" just smiled and said "Nothing but to fill my curiosity. All you have to do is to answer my question when we meet again nothing more, nothing less.

Shin again took a moment then finally agreed

"Good, then state your wishes"

"My first wish is to become a Saiyan. not just a normal Saiyan like Goku or Vegeta but like the ancient Saiyans(I said this since the term "Pure" Saiyans degraded over time and if the ancient Saiyans like Yamoshi could turn SSJ and SSG long before Goku did then we can tell how powerful the ancient Saiyans truly were)

"My second wish is to have a body with unlimited potential that can adapt to anything and with a fast healing factor so I can abuse Zenki's

"My third and final wish is to have the techniques that Goku had mastered and perfected over the years like the Kamehameha or the Kio-Ken

"Alright then what world do you wish to go to"

Shin without hesitation " My Hero Academia"

"God" smiled then said "Had a hunch you would say that. Alright off you go, remember our deal and most importantly have fun bye"

Then Shin's vision turned to black


As Shin left the white void

"God" heard a little voice

"Dad, why did you give him those wishes even though you said no overpowered ones? In that world, he's going to become instantly overpowered."

"God" looked down to see his cute son sitting on his lap while giving him a hug

He smiled then said "If you think he's going to the normal world of My Hero Academia then you'll be wrong my little god. Yes, he does have the potential to be overpowered but if he doesn't train in that world, then he will only become cannon fodder.

God then thought it over but soon crossed it out of his mind since he didn't care"Ok dad I believe you"

He looked at his son with a smile"good, one day you know, this will be your job so be ready"

As he was going to continue he heard a lovely voice

"Author, honey food's ready, come eat before it gets cold"

He smiled, even more, when he heard his wife's voice and that food was ready

"let's go, god, mom made burritos and tacos"

"Yaaayyy" god yelled as soon as he and his dad disappeared from the void


Far out in the distance, in the woods

you could see a woman running

she was battered and worn out but the most important thing was she was bloody all over

but if you see closely you could see she was holding onto something very tightly as if it was more important than her life and if you look a little closer then you could see what it was.

Two little boys

After a while, she came across an area that looks like a city. she then descended onto its streets...

After a while of traveling and hiding, making sure that her oppressors were not following her, she came across a building that appeared to still have light's on.

she came closer and knocked on the door. After a while a nice, elderly looking man opened the door and saw the woman, he became shocked

"Oh my god, what happened to you, my dear. Are you alright? please come inside and well get patched'

The woman just shook her head, she knew she didn't have much time and knew they were getting closer

" I'm sorry but I can't do that. I don't have that much time all I ask is to do me a favor

She then handed over the two boys

"raise them, give them a good childhood and a good life. I know this is too much of a favor from a person you don't know but I'm begging you.

The lady said as tears were drooping out of her eyes

The elderly man looked at the woman with sadness with his eyes

"I don't know who you or what you're running away from but I'll do it. not just because I'm a caretaker but as a father as well.

The woman looked like she just received the first good news in her entire life

"Thank you, thank you so much"

then she looked over to her two sons

"Even though Mama is leaving you, I will always be with you"

she then kissed their little heads

even though both babies were sleeping, they both still smiled at the funny, warm feeling

"Take care, my sons, Moma will always love you"

She then ran away, getting her pursuers their attention and hopefully diverting them away from her two sons, and hopefully, just she could get away.

unfortunately, it seemed that fate was not on her side

after a while of running in the woods sneaking, running around they finally caught up to her

bloody, sore, and just planned out tired, she couldn't do anything as she just laid on the tree

awaiting her fate

"we finally caught up to you. dame, you are fast"

said a wired looking man as he walked up to her

"Why are you doing this? after everything we did for you, this is how you treat us?!

The man just laughed at her "you people had this coming, always thinking you were better than everybody even though you were the weakest. In the end, you were just pawns nothing more nothing less. You served your purposes and longer usable, if anything this was all your fault for being so expendable"

then the man pointed out his wired looking gun

"were just following orders"

"after all he did say"

"all Saiyans must die"

Then a loud blast could be heard coming from the night


As Shing was just waking up he heard an elderly voice

"you poor boys you must be tired, hold on I'll get you some food"

Then the elderly man left the room

shin took some time to look around the room. he guessed that he was in an orphanage due to the decorations that were in the room

Then Shin heard the door open

"here you go boys, I brought you milk that should make feel better"

"Boys?" Shin was confused he thought he was by himself

He then looked over, what he saw shocked him to the core

the other boy looked like a certain boy he saw a long time ago. With spiky hair and most importantly


As he was still thinking about what was happening, a bottle filled with milk was put in his mouth.

as he was still tired and hungry he ranked the milk without question

"Since she never told me your names, I guess it's up to me to give you names," the old man said while thinks of good names to give them"

"Ah, I know what ill name you"

he pointed to the other boy

"I'll name you Son Goku"

Then he pointed over to Shin

"I'll name you Son Shin"

And thus the name of the boys had been decided

but Shin was still confused

"Goku? GOKU?! what the hell is Goku here?!

"Why the Fuck does this old man look like grandpa Gohan?!"

"Am I even in My Hero Academia?!"