12 Love?

Yeonjun's POV

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I couldn't sleep at all last night. I kept thinking about Y/N and the King. Y/N was sleeping so I decided to make some breakfast. I went downstairs and began cooking. As I was cooking I heard the stairs creaking.


"Good Morning, Y/N" I smiled. "Good morning." She said. I gave her the plate and our hands brushed up against each other. My heart pounded.

What is happening to me?

'You can't fall for her Yeonjun' I thought to myself.

If I fall for her both of us will get hurt. I want her to love me. Not hate me. But I know that I will never fall for her. And she won't ever fall for me.


I followed Y/N to the garden and sat down to eat.


Our hands brushed against each other. I blushed a bit.

And why did my heart pound?

This can't be love.

Can it?

I took my plate and go to the garden as Yeonjun followed.

"Are you feeling better?" He asked. I knew he was referring to the day before. I sighed. "I suppose so." I said. "Don't worry. I'll help you." He smiled. I smiled back. "Thank you."

We finished breakfast and went to the lake where we first went when we went to buy some items.

I sat by the waterfall, and Yeonjun had his back against the tree.

Yeonjun's POV

Y/N sat by the waterfall as the wind blew through her hair. I paid attention to all her features.


What if I do fall in love with her.

Will she still love and accept me when she finds out

My secrets.

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