11 Dreamed Of You

Hongjoong's POV

I woke up the next morning. I went to have breakfast with mother and father, and that's when I asked them. "May I go to the village today? I'll look for Y/N." I said.

They looked at each other.

"Okay, that is fine, but just be careful and take the guard with you." Father said. "Okay, thank you." I said, as I left the dining room.

Me and the guard left the palace and went to the village. After a while, I went to buy some food. I saw a woman with a cloak. Her head was down but went up.

It was Y/N.

"Y/N!" I yelled. She looked at my direction. She started running. I ran after her. "Wait come back!" I yelled. I kept following her. Until we reached an end.

A cliff.

She turned around. She smiled and waved. She jumped from the cliff.

"Y/N no!" I cried. "No no no!" I yelled. On the ground was the necklace I gave her on her birthday.

Voices. Voices were everywhere. Keep calling my name.

"Hongjoong!" The voice boomed. Blackness. Darkness. The sun was no more. My eyes closed.

After a few minutes, my eyes fluttered open. I was in my room. My parents besides me.

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"Y/N!" I yelled. "What happened?" Mother asked. "I saw her at the village. She jumped from a cliff. All that was left was her necklace." I said.

"When did you go to the village?" Mother asked. "Did you see her yesterday?" Father asked. "No, just now after breakfast." I said. "You haven't had breakfast yet." Mother said.

Was it a dream?

"But I thought I saw her. I thought she was going to come home. I thought she died." I cried.

"It was only a dream. Nothing will happen to her." Mother hugged me.

Why can't she just come home? How will I know if she is safe?

Please come back home Y/N

I miss you

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