15 Don’t Tell Me That Your Love Is Gone


Yeonjun was a Prince? This means I could get married to him.

"Yeonjun you're a Prince?" I asked. "This means we could get married!" I hugged his arm. He gave me a sad smile. "Wait are you engaged?" I asked.

"You found her before I came. Didn't you?" My father asked. Yeonjun slowly nodded.


My father slapped Yeonjun.

"Father no!" I yelled. "Why are you worried for him?" Hongjoong asked. "Because I love him. He saved me from attackers. And he allowed me to stay at his house for safety." I said.

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"He fooled you Y/N. Those attackers were probably his men. And he tried to make you fall for him. You can't love him Y/N." Mother said. "Why?" I asked.

"Because he is the Prince of Bundang-gu.

I gasped. Bundang-gu was the Kingdom that started a war with us.

I was hurt.

I looked over to Yeonjun.

"You lied to me?" I asked. "Y/N no-" I pushed him away from him. "I thought you loved me." I said. "I do" he cried. "No. You were just using me. I don't want to see you ever again." I said. I ran to my room as Hongjoong followed me.

I went to my room and sat on bed. Hongjoong came in. He sat besides me and gave me hug. I started crying.

Yeonjun's POV

'It's for the best Yeonjun. It's for the best.' I kept telling myself.

"I'll be nice and send you back to your Kingdom for my daughter's sake. If I see you in our Kingdom, I will not hesitate to throw you in the dungeon and torture you." The King said. "Yes." I said. I turned around and started walking.

"Arrange a carriage for him." The Kind said to a maid.

I left.

Not knowing if I'll ever see Y/N again.

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