Part 1

In the Marsian Empire

As the doors open, a king & a queen walk on the red carpet.

Two empty thrones await them.

As they walk before them, the eight Warlords salute, four on each side.

Each noble and member of the royal family stands around them.

The King and Queen sat on their thrones.

The nobles and members of the royal family sat down.

Warlords remained motionless.

"Bring her in," the King ordered.

A chained old woman emerged from the doors.

She kneeled before the king & queen, accompanied by two soldiers.

The king, who had a serious face, angrily said...

"Spit it out, witch."

"What is the prophecy?"

The kneeling old woman smiles evilly under the king's feet.

She longed for a prophecy that would bring an end to her nightmares since her imprisonment.

Smiling, she raised her head & looked into his eyes as she said...

"The Destruction of Marsia."

The shock strikes the king like a bolt of lightning.

Noble families start to whisper to each other...

The first prince of the royal family, Adar Bahez, looks at the nobles with evil eyes...

"Why is that kid staring at us like that?"

"I do not know, but shut up. They are royals."

Adar turns around and says...


Despite his parents, Adar was so arrogant that he treated everyone like peasants.

He has had the dream of becoming a king since his birth.

"Ha ha ha ha...hahaha..."

Everyone is stunned...

Laughing harder than ever, the king slammed his chair.

It shocked the old woman...


There were no words to describe the king's manners in front of the royal throne.

"What's the matter with him laughing?" Noblemen whispered...

"Like I know?"

Adar smirked…

The King calmed down and told/asked the old woman…

"The countless wars I've led never ended in defeat."

"In the countless countries on earth, no one has tried to attack me."

"Tell me who is capable of bringing the annihilation of my great land"

As he looked directly into her eyes, the King smirked arrogantly.

She was pissed off and replied angrily...

"Don't look down on people, King."

"Just as you who were a peasant, human values can change, or even surpass, yours."

With king's hard pissed expression, she smiled.

"Tell me who he is and we will see if his value can surpass mine." said the king sternly...

With a big smirk, the Old woman said, "Your child."

Shock struck the king, as well as the people gathered.

While a smile is on his face, Adar thinks...

"Am I going to be stronger than my father?"

"Very soon!"

Adar is filled with joy from head to toe.

„Your youngest child, Daeva," the woman said to the king.

Daeva was the focus of all eyes.

Ten-year-old who knows nothing at all about the world.

This Big Empire will be destroyed by him, the mindless child.

The curious child walks to his mother as everyone is looking at him.

Everyone stared at his dark eyes as if he were a devil walking toward his prey.

With a puppet in his hand, he looks scarier than ever.

He asks his mother as he stands before her.

"Why are all eyes on me, Mom?" Daeva asked.

The only thing she could see in his eyes was a devil.

The closer she looked, the more similar it looked.

It was a devil she had met before.

As a result of her fear, she began to scream.

No one knew what to do, because everyone was shocked.

Daeva's father hits him at the door & orders...

"Take Them."

Daeva and the old woman were taken by the soldier.

As the king tells the queen...

"It's okay now, calm down."

Upon kissing her forehead, he embraced her.

The King watched the soldiers take the Old woman away.

Looking back, she laughed softly.

Despite so much happening, no one besides the first princess "Aheng Bahez" noticed.

The hatred in the eyes of her brother was obvious.

She did not care about any of it, she just wanted to get back to her room.

Thoughts were running wild in Adar's head as his mind was going crazy.

"I'll kill you"


Part 2

After 190 Years...

[Daeva Bahez, the 13th prince of the main royal family]

The chained, scarred young man.

Slowly, Daeva opens his eyes and tears of blood run down his cheeks.

Immediately after the eyes opened, he saw a figure sitting in front of him.

An individual he despised with all of his heart.

It was his father who was his greatest torturer.

[Barz Baehz, King of the Marsian Empire]

Since Daeva's imprisonment.

He becomes obsessed with the idea of revenge.

In the presence of The King.

The young man stares angrily at his father...

The father responds with a smirk...

"I will kill you..." Suddenly Daeva spoke.

Stunned is the king.

Daeva hasn't spoken to anyone for the past several years.

There was laughter & laughter from the King.

In a calm voice, he approached Daeva and told him...

"Oh Really?" A smirk appeared on his face.

Immediately, Daeva looked him in the eyes & said...

You are all going to die.

Suddenly, the King starts walking away...

His left hand is raised...

A soldier hits Daeva's stomach with a heavy hammer...

If it were any other human, they would die immediately from a hammer of such strength.

Blood is coughed up...

The blood drools like a waterfall…

[Daeva falls unconscious]

The King smiles evilly and leaves the cave of slaves.


Part 3

After some time...

Chained, Daeva walks up to the castle gate followed by two soldiers.

[The gates are open]

As Daeva is unchained, he may wander wherever he pleases...

Seeing the gate open, the residents of Marsian gathered around.

They saw Daeva come out & were shocked...

In the Marsian empire, Daeva is known as a demon.

Daeva slowly walks toward the bazaar.

Everyone runs away from him & calls him a devil or they throw rocks & wood sticks at him.

The king over the gate smiles as he observes the sight...


"Why did you call me my king?", a mysterious man said as he walked along the red carpet next to the king.

"I need to publish a new law," he replied as he sat on his throne.

"My king, what is it?" As he knelt before the king, the mysterious man asked.

A dark smirk appeared on the King's face...


It was not a political law, but an order.

[Those who help the devil will suffer the curse, but those who curse the devil will prosper.]

Asserting: If you help Daeva the 13th prince, you will become a slave, but if you don't, you will be forgiven for slavery.

Message to the Land's People.

Trying to find someone who can help him, Daeva walks and walks straight.

They reject him wherever he goes.

"Get out of here, demon."

"You're not human."

"Kill Yourself."

The three days he spent walking without anyone reaching out to him almost made him lose hope...

Daeva is exhausted and weak but is determined not to give up, so he looks for someone who can help.

Despite the prophecy that he would destroy his family and his people, Daeva does not believe it.

Daeva, however, seeks revenge against his father for the last two centuries of torture.

Even though his tired eyes wanted to close & sleep forever, Daeva kept going to the gate before him.

The gate was called...

[South Gate Of The Great Marsian Empire]

In exhaustion, Daeva fell to his knees.

On that particular day, a young man patrolling the gate noticed him there and knew who he was.

Upon seeing Daeva, he ran to him.

Because of laws and soldiers, no one was coming to the border.

Therefore, he thought that he could assist him when no one would see him.

Daeva was on the verge of collapsing when the young man caught him.

As soon as Daeva sees the man caught him, all hopes return & he collapses into his arms.


Part 4

At night, Daeva awakens...

A starry night catches his eye in the sky and he thinks he's dead...

"You awakened?" The young man said...

Daeva responded, "Eh...".

Following a few drinks and a few bites of food...

The young man explained everything he knew about the order from the king about Daeva.

It took Daeva time to understand what was going on.

Daeva asked curiously... "Why did you break the Order to help me?"

The young boy replied, "Because he's not a god."

"God, huh?", Daeva replied.

A smile spread across the soldier's face and he replied...

"Yes, the king is nothing more than a human being who is wealthier than I am."

The young soldier's mood changed and as he sadly said...

"I work here only to provide medicine for my sick father."

Looking up at the star-filled sky, the soldier says...

"My dad taught me as a kid not to lie, curse, judge, hold grudges, accept blame & give up..."

Daeva stared at the young soldier with tears of pride in her eyes...

"...and the list is endless, prince."

Seeing the young soldier, Daeva asks...

"I want to leave this country."

The young soldier says...

"I am aware of your suffering, and I will help as much as I can."...

He sighs...

"I can help until tomorrow, but until then, that's all I can do."

Daeva is surprised & tells him...

"I understand your position, thanks."

As the young soldier raised his hand and pointed to the south...

"If you proceed in this direction, you will be in Babylon Empire."

Daeva said with a calm voice, "Okay, then that's what I'll do.".

Their tea is ready, so they begin to sip it.

In the morning...

As the young soldier said, "You are ready, prince."...

In joyful response, Daeva replied...

"Thank you so much, I will always be in your debt."

"You are a real soldier hero."

Daeva starts to walk away slowly & something crosses his mind...

He hadn't asked for the soldier's name, so he asked...

"What is your name?"

Saluting & replying, the soldier shows his pride...

He said, "Hiro... Hiro Onoda"

He covers his face because it is windy in the desert...

Daeva walks away slowly and shouts...

"Goodbye, Hiro Onoda."


Part 5

After leaving Marsia, Daeva goes to Babylon.

Nights and days were spent wandering in the desert.

In the hopes of starting a new life again, he escaped the fear of revenge.

Daeva is out of water and food.

Eight days have passed since he wandered in the desert.

He kneels but collapses from the heat & lack of water on a hillside.

His head hits a caravan as he slowly falls from the hill...

Looking at the rider, he sees nothing but a donkey...

The donkey stares at him & starts to bray.

The fainting of Daeva lasts for some time...

2 Days later…

Daeva wakes up in a bed with bandages covering his head.

He looks around and realizes he is in someone else's house.

Trying to leave through the front door, he heard a girl's voice when trying to open the door.

"Oh, you woke up?"

Daeva began to turn around as she continued...

"Please rest a bit longer so that your scars don't open."

Seeing such beauty made Daeva speechless.

Daeva remembers all the girls he has met but none could compare with her.

The girl has a light skin tone and green eyes.

Having been caught off guard, Daeva is stunned.

Upon opening the door, an old man enters and says...

"Good to see you awake, young man."

Having witnessed such beauty, Daeva is still a little numb as he does not respond.

Sighing, the old man tells him...

"I see, young man, sit down."

When the old man sees the girl he asks her...

"Please give him a glass of water."

As she left, the girl replied, "Yes, Uncle.".

Seeing Daeva, the old man turned his attention to him.

"Good to know you're okay, boy."


A serious look came over the old man's face...

"... "I ask you to observe proper manners while you are here.

"I let you in because I saw in my dream the need to help a man who wandered in the desert..."

Daeva looks shocked after hearing his words...

"...I've had a dream about it for a week and so I found you."

"I believe it was a message from God."

Daeva said, "God.".

A sudden question appeared in Daeva's mind...

"Who is the god, I want to meet him."

Laughing, the old man replied...

"No eyes have seen God, no ears have heard God."

"It is impossible to imagine God, no words could describe his power."

"He only sends messages through his angels but only answers the purest of all."

"Can I also be pure?"

Daeva said, "I would like to ask God for a wish.".

Water has been brought by the Pretty Girl.

Without looking at the girl, Daeva drinks his water.

Standing up, the old man tells him...

"Yes, you can, but now rest and let yourself be healed."

Daeva's cup is taken by the girl and the old man is about to leave.

As he leaves, he says...

"We will discuss this later."

[Front door closes]


Part 6

Later that night...

Daeva lies on his bed with the old man sitting on a chair in front of him.

The Girl has slept.

As the old man sighed & told Daeva...

"Demon child, I know who you are"

Daeva stares at him, shocked that even out of the land they recognize him.

"I'm sorry, I wanted to clarify a few things between us." replied the old man.

The old man was told by Daeva...

"I understand, but I am sure you still want to discuss more, isn't there?"

Answered the old man...

"The Lighthouse of God is south of here."

Astonished, Daeva thinks...

"So he lied to me earlier?"

As the old man continues...

"You should not misunderstand, the lighthouse is a house made of light that shines up into the sky."

"You can pray here, but it is better to go there."

"But first you have to become a good human being."

„Oh, I see," Daeva said with a surprised look on his face.

A sign that he understood the meaning of his words.

"Aaheli is the name of the girl that lives in this house."

"I raised her after her parents died."

"What happened to them?" Daeva asked.

Once again, the old man sighed and told Daeva...

"Never bring it up in front of her."

"Her parents were killed by Ali Baba and the 40 thieves."

"Ali Baba wanted a relationship with her mother."

"The husband fought the forty thieves by himself."

"However, he was no match for them, the wife escaped, leaving Aaheli with me."

"She was only 10 years old at the time."

"Oldman, can I ask you a question?"

"Yes," replied the old man.

"Can Aaheli and I get married?" said Daeva.

In serious eyes, the old man looked at daeva and replied...

"It's up to her and not me."


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