The Royal Blind Man~ Book

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The Royal Blind Man~


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He was born in royalty, but that does not mean he belongs there. From birth, Astrolis has faced so many two-faced bitches that were only after his crown, many thought he shouldn't have it because of his disability, blindness. But what if they knew that he was also gay, they would be seething, now imagine having a gay, blind king. Bet you can't. Astrolis, does not care though, he could not give a shit about the nobles opinions, why should he? No one said that a gay, blind prince, can't be a king, its not in the books, so why now? Just because this is the first time? Although Astrolis has been through hell, that doesn't stop him from becoming a gentle, caring man that loves those close to him, now all he seeks is a man that will ravage him. In bed of course. Or maybe he will ravage someone else, you never know. ••• Theo was born poor, no money to his name, neither does he have a family, he was sadly abandoned at birth. Theo has been through hell. He has been bullied, threatened, beaten up, and almost killed. The only reason why he has lived so long, 17 years to be exact, was by digging through trash cans, getting the leftovers that others didn't want to eat. Sorry, my mistake, he has been surviving, not living. Sadly, Theo wasn't able to stay positive throughout his life, since he was constantly reminded why he was trash and why he shouldn't be alive, his attitude is not the best. Who would blame him though? Let's hope someone will change that though. •▪︎• ▪︎• To all those that love some spicy BL romance, why don't you give this story a try. And by all means if its not your cup of tea, quietly leave. Credits to the creator of this masterpiece, even im slightly simping for the picture. The more powerstones you use, the more motivated I will feel. Have a nice day, Muah.


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