The Royal’s Cute Little WifeThe Royal’s Cute Little Wife

The Royal’s Cute Little Wife

by Suryanshi_Biswas

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In childhood, they were neighbors. Xie Zhen always bullied Li Yu. Who told him to be as beautiful as a girl? After parting for many years, they met again in the capital. With a tall stature and heroic bearing, he seemed like a completely different person. Not only that, but his identity had also risen to that of the sixth prince. Hearing he wanted to marry her, Xie Zhen was almost scared silly: Σ(っ °Д °;)っ What’s his intention? Taking revenge on her? Author(s) Feng He You Yue Genre(s) Comedy,Drama,Historical,Romance,Shoujo,Slice of Life Type Chinese Web Novel ****** ********* Translated by: Suryanshi Biswas Thank you the author for your great work, and also thank you for allowing me to translate ... I am translating this story so that it can reach more readers .... and those who are questioning my ability, I want them to know that I completed my graduation in Chinese language.

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