11 The Mirror

Lunch time came, and Elizabeth decided to accompany Maddie in buying snacks. Normally Riana would not think that there was anything wrong with this decision, but today she felt like something was wrong. They both were acting strange earlier, and Riana felt like they were avoiding her.

Riana went to the cafeteria alone.

When Riana was just outside the cafeteria, she saw the crowd of students again. She recognized them as the bullies that she saw on Thursday.

As soon as she saw them, she ran as quickly as she could to get between the bullies and the girl, but before she arrived, she saw something shocking.

The girl was not sitting against the wall like she was last time. Instead, as the leading bully came closer, the girl kicked him behind the knee and quickly grabbed his arm and pushed him, making him lose balance and fall to the floor. Then she stomped on his chest.

The other bullies were stunned for a moment. They did not expect her to fight back, let alone take down their leader in a single attack. They already were surrounding her, and when they snapped out of their surprise, they quickly started to attack.

Not a single of their attacks landed on the freshman girl, and instead all the bullies landed on the ground as well. None of them were dead or even injured, but none of them were able to fight back.

The girl was too strong and too fast, and none of them could stand against her.

Riana watched from a distance, and she realized that Dmitri was completely right. Dmitri said, "Maybe she will save herself." The girl did stand up for herself. Riana was sure that the problem would soon be completely solved. The bullies could not hurt the girl again.

The bullies who were standing in the back watched her defeat their friends in a few attacks, and they did not dare approach her. They fled as far as they could, and hid among the other students. They hoped that the freshman girl was not going to recognize them.

Fortunately for them, the girl did not pursue them, and instead she walked away. Riana was curious so she followed the girl.

The girl walked into the girls' restroom. Riana stood by the door and was about to enter when she heard a voice.

"Did you like it?" the voice asked. The voice sounded feminine and charming. Riana felt chills on her spine when she heard it.

"Like what?" the girl's voice sounded confused.

"I granted you your wish. Did you like it?"

"Like it!?" the girl's voice raised, "not at all! It wasn't what I wished for, not at all! I didn't want to hurt anyone!"

"Too bad then..." the voice interrupted. It dragged out the last syllable.

"What do you mean!? That wasn't wha-"

"You have to pay for everything you wish for, my dear."

Riana slammed the door open and rushed into the restroom. She realized that the girl was in danger, and she wanted to protect the girl, even if she had to put herself at risk.

When she entered, she saw the girl standing in front of the mirror. In the mirror, however, where the girl's reflection should have been, there was a woman with dark hair, fair skin, and chilling silver eyes.

The girl was still staring at the mirror, but the woman in the mirror turned to look at Riana.

"Oh? Someone else is here…" the woman dragged out the words, which made her seem far more dangerous.

"Leave her alone! You're here for me, not her!"

"You're right… now give me what you should…"

The girl stepped back, and the woman suddenly stepped out of the mirror and placed her feet on the floor.

"What do you want from me?" the girl asked weakly. By now, the girl's hands were against the stall doors and her feet looked like they could collapse in an instant.

The woman laughed. "I'm… hungry."

Then the woman stepped closer to the girl. Riana was about to rush forward and get between the girl and the woman. She would be able to make it in time, she knew she would.


"Dmitri?" Riana thought, "is Dmitri here?" She forgot all about the girl in front of her and turned around to search for Dmitri, but she found no trace of him. He was not there, but Riana knew she heard his voice.

She turned back towards the girl and rushed forward, but the woman was already right in front of the girl.

"Now, my dear, allow me to eat your soul…"

"No!" Riana yelled, but it was too late.

The woman placed her hands on the girls face, and it looked as if she kissed her. Riana was about to pull the two apart when suddenly the woman let go of the girl on her own, and the girl fell to the ground, her eyes wide open, but lifeless.

"What did you do to her!?" Riana asked, but she already knew what happened.

The woman laughed. Riana could not understand why she was laughing.

"Do you want to be eaten as well, my dear?"

Riana froze, and she could feel as the woman placed her hand on Riana's face. Riana felt like she was unable to move. She was going to die here.

Then the woman suddenly backed away.

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"A pity." the woman said, "I cannot eat you today, my dear. You have been claimed by another."

Riana did not understand what the woman was talking about, but she held her breath. She knew that she would fortunately get to live another day, but the woman's words scared her. There were others, and Riana was the other's prey.

Riana might not have much longer to live.

"If only the monster was still around…" the woman sighed, "then I would not have to follow the rules. I would be able to eat as much as I wish. A pity…"

Riana wanted to ask the woman what she meant, but the woman did not leave her any chances. The woman walked back into the mirror, and as she stepped in, her figure completely disappeared.

It was as if the woman was never there. The only trace left behind was the freshman girl that was collapsed on the floor.

Riana knelt down beside the girl to check if she was still breathing, but she felt no trace of breath. The girl's skin already seemed withered slightly, as if it was not this day that she died, but a week or two ago, but not rotten. The body was stiff, and her expression only showed a horrified shock.

The girl who was fighting bullies a few minutes ago was now an empty image of the girl she was then. The will to live that was displayed in the girl's eyes was now completely gone, replaced by the coldness of death.

The girl who still had so much more in life to live was now forever incapable of resting in peace. The girl's soul was gone, completely gone, eaten by that woman.

"I didn't even know your name…" Riana whispered. She reached her hand in front of the girl's eyes and slowly closed them to prevent the girl from seeing more of this awful place.

"But I will remember you forever."

Riana then stood up and started laughing.

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