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The Rotten Dreamland

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Hello, Author here! I hope you all are interested in reading this. All of the characters in this novel have their own character and story behind the way they act. They will also change the way they act as time goes on. I’m looking forward to your reactions towards everything. Also, this novel has a strange ending. It took me a long time to think of a fitting ending that draws everything that happens together, but I believe that this strange ending is perfect for this novel. The novel will be sad at times, but those parts emphasize the antagonist’s ability. The antagonist, also known as the monster, will be a mystery through much of this novel. All that is known about him at the beginning is that he is a monster. Nothing else. I will say that he is my favorite character, and I hope you will see why. Well, I think I spoke enough for now. I hope this review made you interested in reading this novel. Please leave your own reviews so that others will be interested in reading it. Thank you, and enjoy!!!


This novel is really good! Riana is an interesting and different character than the normal female leads, and all the characters grow over time. Each character has his or her own secrets, and it is interesting to learn about each and every character. It is well written and the plot is unique. I hope that others could find this great novel as well.


Wow! I am so impressed! The author is just 17! Please take the time to read this book. SEL is working really hard to update consistently.