1 Chapter 1: The Man with No Hope

A middle-aged man sat in an empty room but for a chair, a table and countless bottles of alcohol, some empty and some half-full, strewn across the room. Gripped in his hand is a half full bottle of alcohol.

He has dark, hard eyes and a straight nose. His frame was huge, already being quite tall and his wide waist only made him look bigger.

His hair, originally black, had begun balding at the top and greying on the sides. He might have been a handsome man but for the stress lines on his brow and his large beer belly.

"Why...Why did everything turn out like this? I was a good man, I gave charity, I raised my children well so... Why did my life go down this hole?"

"Everyone betrayed me."

As he sat there, bottle in his hand, he began to reminisce on his life, from the good to the bad, from the ups to the downs. An unnoticed tear whispered down his cheek.

He suddenly got up and smashed the bottle on the table.


He face contorted into an expression of pure fury.

-----42 YEARS AGO-----

Aziel Blutrausch was born on the 27th of March, 1977 in a small hospital to the far north of Germany. Here is where his story begins.

A gentle-eyed woman lay, exhausted, on a bed. In her arms was a small baby, blue eyed, screaming his head off. Despite this the woman continued to gaze lovingly at him.

'"Joanna, come take the baby."

A deep yet hoarse voice sounded from the foot of the bed. The man who spoke was Rufius Blutrausch, Aziels' father.


The woman looked up at her husband. Her name was Angelina Blutrausch, Aziels' mother.

"He will sleep with me."

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The maid, Joanna, backed off hearing the strength in her voice.

Rufius scowled, then sighed.

"Alright. We will have the priest name him tomorrow then."

The next day Rufius and Angelina took the yet to be named baby to their priest. The old man promptly named him Aziel and so the story of Aziel began.

Aziel Blutrausch was born into an incredibly powerful family. Although Germany lost the war 30 years ago, Germany's economy and power was re-establishing itself in the world and at the head of their military was the Blutrausch family.

They, because of the wit and intelligence of the Blutrausch Patriarch, Hanz Blutrausch, had managed to avoid execution at the hands of the Allies. They were one of the few powers that remained in Germany as most of the other power's leaders were executed after World War 2.

Because of this, they soon seized all power over the military and established deep relations with the iron and coal industries.

Having been born into this power, Aziel Blutrausch as a youth was extremely respected and spoilt.

Despite this, he kept his integrity, untainted by his family's massive wealth and influence.

He was a model student and graduated with honors. He was akin to a perfect person, not being entangled with prostitutes, alcohol and drugs like most of the other prodigal sons in Germany.

When the time came, he married a beautiful woman, named Alice Merkel who was also from a powerful background. Soon after this he ascended to the position of patriarch of the Blutrausch family. His life was perfect, and this is where it all went wrong.

Within a year of him ascending as patriarch his mother died of cancer and his father retreated to a solitary house in the depths of Germany, grieving.

Without the help of his parents' wisdom and guidance, his enemies saw the opportunity to pounce on the Blutrausch family's power.

Despite going against overwhelming odds he managed to keep the family's influence in the military, yet lost the deep connections in the iron and coal industries.

It was here that the Blutrausch family and its enemies remained in a stalemate until both his brother and wife betrayed him, giving away valuable information about his influence within the military and finally he began losing ground within the military.

His father came out solitary, to no avail, and perhaps because of stress and grief, died of a heart attack. Aziel Blutrausch had lost everything.

Because of the little respect his enemies had for him or because of the strings his father pulled before dying, Aziel was left alone.

However, outside of a little money he was allowed to spend for food, he was restricted of everything else and was constantly under surveillance.

He lived in a daze, seemingly having lost his mind. He would wake up, drink, sit on his couch for a few hours, go to the bar, drink some more, come back home wasted and repeat. This lifestyle continued for 6 years. And here is where our story continues.


Aziel smashed the bottle on the table, and glass flew everywhere. A shard had pierced his cheek and blood dripped onto the floor. Aziel didn't even react to the injury and stood there, chest heaving as he struggled to control his emotions.

Finally, he took a breath and went to his bedroom. There he discovered that he was conscious for the first time in years. It was as if he was dreaming for the last 6 years and had finally woken up. He took another deep breath and began hatching a plan.

-----3 WEEKS LATER-----

An expensively dressed man got off of a plane, along with a beautiful woman. The pair were surrounded by huge figures dressed in black.

There were at least a dozen bodyguards, all of them moving in a tight formation with the pair in the centre. A young man ran towards the pair.

"Master, Sir Aziel has committed suicide!"

The two were taken aback by the sudden information, but quickly showed their true expressions.

The mans lips curled into a cruel smile and his eyes showed glee. On the other hand, the woman bit her lip, evidently conflicted in her emotions.

"Alice, you are finally completely mine."

The man embraced the woman. The woman hugged him back and buried her face in his shoulder, concealing her emotions.


"We will get married as soon as possible, Alice. The wedding will be amazing. After all, I would be happy to spend millions on the woman I love."

The man's glee at the news of his brother's death faded and his eyes only held love and possessiveness. Alice quickly put on an endearing face and smiled at the man.

"I would love to, Jonas."

She gave him a quick kiss and turned to the young man bearing the news.

"When did this happen?"

"Last Tuesday, Mistress."

Her brows crinkled as she lost herself in thought.

'Why now?" she whispered to herself.

-----5 DAYS LATER-----

Aziel took a deep breath and looked through the scope. In his hands was a Mac-Millan Tac-50, an extremely high quality sniper rifle. It could shoot incredible distances and the record for the longest confirmed sniper kill was held by this gun.

In his scopes were the happy couple, who were about to get married. His breath quickened as he watched them.

'That scum of a brother! That little b*tch! That f*cking prick!'

As he watched them he hurled profanities at them in his head. He would have screamed curses but he didn't want to take the chance that he was disturbed and miss the shot.

Unknown to everyone, Aziel wasn't dead. This was due to an incredibly risky plan he formulated and carried out within 2 weeks.

As he thought about how to get revenge he realised the only way to be free from surveillance was to fake his death. So, under the excuse that he wanted to try some drugs, he had gone to a underground market.

There, he bought a special herb, called the 'Undead Flower', and managed to do it without the agent spying on him realising. It had the miraculous effect of making someone dead for 20 hours, it stopped both heart beat and breathing and yet you would wake up again after 20 hours!

It was extremely rare and costly and so he had to sell of his last few possessions, including his family ring and mother's necklace in order to afford it.

With the left over money, he bribed his surveillance agent so that he would bury him with his parents, which the agent thought was reasonable.

He then committed 'suicide' and 20 hours later woke up in a coffin! Normal people would gone crazy, trapped 6 foot under the ground, with limited air.

But in order to carry out his plan he had posed as a drunkard and had 'accidentally' told a gang of thugs and lowlives that there was millions of dollars in jewels buried in the Blutrausch family graveyard and that it wasn't guarded on Monday nights.

So, as it was a Monday night, he lay in wait, limiting his breathing. The only thing he could do was hope that the gang of thugs were low and scummy enough that they would disrespect the dead!

Finally he heard rustling above him and his coffin was lifted up out of the grave. He burst out of the coffin, panting and taking a sweet breath of fresh air. You can only imagine the huge surprise when the grave diggers found a human alive in the first grave they dug!

They immediately ran away thinking it was a ghost. Aziel put his coffin back into the grave, refilled it with soil and the rest was history.

As he lay there, waiting for the perfect moment to shoot, he thought about which person to kill. He could only shoot once, as it would take too long to reload the gun and by the time he had finished everyone at the wedding would have scattered!

He thought deeply about it, agonising over it. Before he committed the deed, a huge booming sound echoed through the world. A bright white light filled Aziels' eyes and then nothingness...

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