The Rise of the Sagase Familia in DxD
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The Rise of the Sagase Familia in DxD


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What is The Rise of the Sagase Familia in DxD

Read The Rise of the Sagase Familia in DxD fanfiction written by the author TrickY107 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, adventure, r18, harem, dxd. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"Please show mercy boss, I have a wife and children." A man says while on his knees begging for his life. "So do 7.5 billion people in the world, what relevance does that hold for me?" Enzo says as he holds his gun to the man's face. "Wait, please noooo!! Don't do it boss, I'm sorry, please spare me!!, mercy!!!" The man says desperately touching Enzo's leg and hanging onto it as his life depended on it. "Sorry, this is nothing personal, just business." Enzo says before pulling the trigger and blowing the man's head clean off. "Throw his body into a incinerator and clean this mess ." Enzo says as he patts on the shoulders of a muscular man in a suit wearing sunglasses, and walks towards to the black Audi car parked nearby. "Yes Don" the muscular man in a suit wearing sun glasses nods and replies following behind him were five other similar men in suits who start cleaning the blood stains and moving the dead body to the van parked nearby. When Enzo reaches near to the door of the Audi. A man from the driving seat steps out of it and opens the door for Enzo. Enzo then sits back and relax in the backseat while picking up a cigar in the car. "Where to Don?" The man in the driving seat asks Enzo "Home, take me home Alfonse, I had a long day, wanna sleep in for the night." Enzo says nonchalantly while breathing out a big puff of smoke. "Alright Don I'll take you home " Life is not fair. Whether you have a loving family, a great job and happy life means nothing. In the criminal underworld these feelings hold no meaning, these things will get you no mercy from anyone. Only the strong live and survive. The weak gets stepped on and killed. This is the universal law of this world. This is the story of how, I a regular human in my previous life, gets thrown out from his world by a ROB, and became a Mafia Don in the world of dxd. [A/N: I do not own the cover, if you are the original author and want me to remove it, please contact me.]


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