15 Masked ball

As soon as Liz stepped inside the ballroom the conversations ceased and all eyes were fixed on her.

Some were looking at her with admiration while the others with jealousy.

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Liz confidently then walked to the buffet.

The crowd started to whisper.

Liz could easily detect that they are gossiping about her, how unladylike she is behaving is probably their topic.

But she could not care less.

From the perspective of the society a lady should not eat during such an event.

It is just tactless.

They are here to impress the guys.

And no man would want a glutton.

However, Liz is not here because she wants to find her prince charming.

She is here to enjoy herself.

And what better joy exists in the world beside good food?

Liz devoured one snack after another.

" That is what life is about. I could eat all day long. If I could marry food I would. But then my husband would not last long." sighed Liz deeply while touching her tummy.

Seeing her touching her tummy a group of girls commented loudly:

"She is probably pregnant and the guy just dumped her. Who would want to take responsibility for that bastard child of hers?"

Liz could only roll her eyes after hearing their remark.

"I would." said a masked young man.

The stranger has short raven black hair, royal blue eyes, wore a simple black suit, has a perfect sculpted body and he is tall.

'He probably is gay. That's why he agreed to accept my imaginary illegitimate child. In this era no man would be so understanding.' thought Liz while still staring at the man.

"Like what you see Miss?" said the man while running his fingers through his hair.

'He is clearly trying to seduce me!'

"Though you are not that bad the only thing I am interested in is food. Unless you magically turn into food I'm not interested." said Liz indifferently.

"You know you can dip me in chocolate if you want. Would you be interested in me then?" said the masked man while licking his lip.

Liz gulped.

'What the hell is wrong with this guy?'

"Of course there are also other things you can do to me. For example –"

Before the masked man could finish his sentence Liz covered his mouth with her bare hands.

If anyone would overhear their conversation she would become the laughing stock of society.

Although she would not mind, this would damage her parent's reputation.

"How much do I have to pay you to shut up?" asked Liz annoyed.

"Well, I think a dance would do." replied the masked man with a smug smirk.

Liz was dumfounded.

'This guy has the guts to ask me out?!'

"So what do you think Miss. Do you dare?"

'And now the guy indirectly pointed out that if I refuse, I would be a coward. Coward to my ass! This guy is such a nuisance.'

"Of course it would be my honor." responded Liz with a wry smile.

'Hehehe, I can always step on his feet. So better make an appointment with your doctor.' thought Liz and her lips curved into a mischievous smile.

The masked man then poked on her head.

"What is the beautiful head of yours thinking to smile creepy like that." asked the man.

Snapping out of her daze, Liz was enraged.

'How dare he?! Poking on my head and calling my smile creepy. Ok, my smile is creepy but I can not tolerate the fact that he poked on my head. Am I a child?!' Liz glared at him furiously.

"If you continue to look at me like that you will get wrinkled very early."

Normally Liz could refrain her feelings but she also does not know why how a guy could get her so upset.

Liz only gritted her teeth and humphed at him.

The strange man thought that her reaction is cute.

A moment later the masked man led her to the dance floor.

He pulled her very close to him.

So close that she could feel his breath.

As the music started they started to dance along.

When they started dancing it felt like electricity was shot inside Liz's body.

'Strange why are we the only ones at the dance floor?' thought Liz.

Liz could not help but remember the scene in the fairytale All-Kinds-of-Fur where the princess and her prince charming danced alone in the dance floor while everyone was looking at them with admiring gazes.

Probably, they look the same.

'What the hell am I thinking?! He is not my prince charming! He is probably like all the other guys.' convinced Liz herself and stared at his eyes very deeply as if she tried to read his soul.

"I know I am handsome but you don't have to look at me like you would eat me at any minute. We have all night to do this." said the masked man in a seductive undertone.

Liz could not believe her ears.

How could someone as shameless as him exist?

"Shameless." mumbled Liz.

"Only to you." whispered the masked man to her right ear.

Liz turned crimson red and just stared at the dance floor.

"So you are done checking my upper body? Now you want to check my lower body?" the masked man said with a cheeky grin.

Liz froze.

"Something must be wrong with his brain. Yeah that's it. I ran into a psycho." said Liz not realizing that she spoke out her mind.

"Well, you did not run into some random pyscho. You run into your pyscho. I am all yours."

'Oh how much I want to punch him at his arrogant face. No punching him would not be enough, I want to disfigure his face!'

Each time Liz tried to step on his feet, he gracefully avoided her and pulled her even closer to him.

Liz knew if she continues like this it would be a matter of time when their faces are just inches away for a kiss. She could not afford it, therefore she stopped trying to step on his feet.

"Are you now tired of playing to be a little tigress?" asked the masked man with an amused smile.

Liz just gave him a scowl.

"Don't make that face a smile suits you best My Lady." the strange man said with a cheeky smile.

'Smiling at you? You don't deserve it, shameless bastard!'

"I believe we are not that familiar to call each other with nicknames." Liz said coldly.

"Well, we can always change that." the stranger said while lifting Liz and turning her.

'So close.' Liz thought while her cheeks turned red.

"Though I also like your flustered face." he added.

'If there is a god, please let this dance of doom be quickly over' Liz prayed.

She was too tired to deal with this shameless guy!

When the music stopped the masked man kissed her hand and said:

"See you next time Princess Eleanor."

And then the masked man disappeared out of her sight.

'How could he guess my identity? And am I not suppose to run away from him?! Ughh.' Liz cursed herself inwardly.

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