The Rise of The Guardians
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The Rise of The Guardians


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What is The Rise of The Guardians

The Rise of The Guardians is a popular web novel written by the author mskim133, covering ROMANCE, COMEDY, FANTASY, MYSTERY, SUPERPOWERS, ADVENTURE, MALEPROTAGONIST, MAGICALREALISM, LOVETRIANGLE, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 20.8K readers with an average rating of 4.72/5 and 22 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 59 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Ayden has lived his life as a lonely orphan. However, he has always admired the life of heroes; flying cloaks, honor, power and saving the world. As destiny would have it, Ayden is chosen by a mysterious man to be the leader of the guardians, and embarks on a journey to find the rest of the guardians and to get the gemstones, to save Avelorn, a magical kingdom. On his way, he meets friends that transform his rather lonely life into one filled with love, laughter, oneness and friendship. But when Elmer the evil and most powerful magical being binds his friends under a spell and threatens to kill them unless Ayden hands over the gemstones, he is forced to choose between saving Avelorn or saving the friends he loves... *** NOTE: Do note that if you give this novel a light read, you will be confused. There's a lot of foreshadowing in the book so you'll have to read more but no worries bc the chapters aren't long Happy Reading~ Kindly vote with your power stones which are provided here on webnovel everyday If you liked a chapter please leave a review, it will be much appreciated I found this awesome picture on Pinterest and I only added my title to it, please I don't own the picture and I give full credit to the owner of the picture Let's be friends on Instagram at mskim133 Lots of love


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Aweeeeesssooome! I really love this book. it's very interesting and I'm in love with the mc Ayden! He is full of sarcastic humor lol. The updating of the chapters is also very stable and if like to see more of original content. kudos to the author !


Overall, the story is great and I really enjoyed reading it! Got hooked at the second chapter and ever since then, I can't stop reading. Really recommend this book.


I love the mc, the world design is great. Felt bad for the mc who has to deal with twins and a little witch at start. Is it just me or someone actually got GOG vibes from the synopsis. But it threw me of guard with the unique story😅. By the way great story, I will look forward to the new chapters


Hi! I'm the author of this book and I would really appreciate if people who are reading this book leave a review and or add this book to their library. It helps out small creators like me 🌺




Thank you for such a good story. Finally I found one to follow. I like Ayden Williams. It would be great to describe right in the beginning chapter how does it feel to transform into spirit form. It would give a feel of the entire story and the struggles of the character.


this book is so good, I am in love with this book, this book is so different and I wanted to read more and more, thanks for such a good book author


This story is really good, I mean detailed writing and a very likable MC is just the cherry on top. Ayden's personality really captures in the first few chapters 😉. This needs more views to be honest but good luck to the author


The plot idea is good and interesting although it was a bit confusing. The development of the characters are good as well the world background. Overall it is interesting to read


Loved this story. It is interesting and keeps you hooked. I love to continue reading the story, I would love to read more. I would also like to thank the author for introducing us to such a beautifully designed world.


I love this book it's really great compared to some of the books I have read.I really hope the author gets more ideas to write books like this and get really famous and even get an award


The plot is amazing and it's well written. I like the author's writing style. One advice would be: make use of the apostrophes to display the thoughts of the MC. Apart from that, it's going in a good way. Good work, Author!


Very adventurous book for me, really liked the way Ayden has been portrayed and his adventures, a really interesting read, waiting for regular updates of the chapters.


It is fairly written with good grammar (leaving aside some parts where the author tends to get sidetracked while writing in first person) and can easily trump many others on this site.


The Story writting is so good especially when it comes to the main character . the way you wRite the emotinal scenes are really impactful. the Whole time i felt like i was there feeling the same things ayden was.👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿


The book is well written with a catchy synopsis. I like the plot of the story and as far I read, I can tell it's going to come out as an amazing piece of work! Hope to see more of the good work, author!


The sysnopsis alone drew me closer to read more of this novel. I really love how the story would play out. And after reading the first few chapters, I noticed that it had a lot of things to offer. Well-done, author!


NOTE: Do note that if you give this novel a light read, you will be confused. There's a lot of foreshadowing in the book so you'll have to read more but no worries bc the chapters aren't long. This is also a slow burn book and it is not for the faint hearted. Approach at your own risk 😉😁 Happy Reading~


Pretty Good. Every small details have been explained throughly. Especially i liked the way u described the characters. it should take a lot of time to think about these details. just keep up the good work.


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