1 Prologue (**)

A large white-colored theme room. On the walls, cabinets with glass see-through doors can be seen filled with gauzes, bandages, and other medical supplies.

A unique looking scroll, filled with symbols and letters, was hanging onto the side of a green foldable partition panel. It was obvious at first glance that it was a type of eye test.

Several beds were laid in rows side by side with chairs in between. Each bed could be separated with a ceiling curtain. Useful in providing privacy for those who need it.

An outsider would be able to tell that this is nothing but the layout of a school infirmary.

A place where sick or injured students can get help or treatment when they need it. That kind of infirmary.

Seemingly wishing to use the infirmary for its true purpose, a pair of visitors had come inside after telling the school nurse they were not feeling well and wished to borrow the beds.

In good faith, the nurse offered them to lay on any of the empty beds and to ask her if they needed anything more.

It was at that time the nurse received a message on her smartphone.

It seems that an injured student required the nurse's assistance but is unable to move from their position.

After acknowledging the plea, the nurse immediately closed the phone call and told the pair that she needed to be elsewhere. However, they were free to continue using the beds.

In a hurry, the nurse immediately left the infirmary, but not without locking the door.

The pair that was left in the infirmary obediently took upon the nurse's offer and began to move towards the beds.

One of the students began to lay upon one of the beds while the other closed the curtains around them.

Yes. One of the beds.


A seductive moan, inappropriate for an infirmary, began to spread around the now empty room, save for the pair.


The one who had made the raw, sensual sounds was from the female student who was the one to lay down on her stomach on the infirmary bed.

The female student had already taken off her blazer jacket and red ribbon which was left haphazardly onto the chair next to the bed. Having also removed her socks, her beautiful bare legs could be seen beneath her skirt.

She was left with only a white button-up shirt, with folded up sleeves. The shirt was slightly see-through due to the sweat from her warmed up body. The strap of her bra could be seen as she continues to lay on her stomach.

The other, a male student, was standing off to the side of the bed next to the laying female student.

He too was wearing a similar blazer uniform, indicating that he was from the same school that the female student was.

As he continues to stand to the side of the bed, he had his hands placed on top of the girl's back.

While his hands were on her back, the male student was slowly moving them in small circular motions.

While being subjected to the male student's touch, the female student continues to moan in pleasure.

Looking at it from the outside, it would only seem that the male student was giving the female student a normal massage.

However, as he continues to move slowly up and down her back with long steady strokes, the female student began to exhibit an unusual reaction.

"Nnngh, aahnn♥….ahhhn♥….mmmghh…hah…hah…hah…."

The female student's breathing became irregular. As she breathes out, coquettish sighs became more and more frequent.

Hearing his female client's moans, the male student got a little more daring.

His hands continued to stroke in fluid motions, allowing the female student to relax, while simultaneously moving every so lower.

Sensing that he was getting closer to her secret place, the young women's breathing became even rougher. A slight blush was apparent on her cheeks.

The male student slowly crept his fingers every closer to the female's meaty ass….until he went right past it, only to begin stroking her left leg.

"Nnngh♥! Hah, hah…! Muu~ don't be so mean~ahhhnn♥♥♥!"

Protesting slightly due to the male student's tease, the female student continues to moan seductively as she feels his soft yet firm caresses on her thighs.

With beautiful long legs and a meaty ass that is apparent even under her skirt, the male student continues to stroke the female student's legs up and down, seemingly in a trance.

Having been continuously stimulated from the male student's touch all over her body, a peculiar sweet smell, unique to females in heat, began to waft from her sweaty skin.


Even the male's breathing became labored as he continues to take in the female student's unique pheromones.

After experiencing this for a while, the situation began to escalate.

"Nnnggg♥, w-wait a sec….I want you to massage me in the front…."

With those words, the female student started to turn over on the infirmary bed and laid face-up.

Her skin was slightly red from the excitement. The front of her shirt was now drenched in sweat, leaving the color of her bra completely visible to the male student. A mature sexy purple.

The top buttons of her shirt had become undone, revealing her large valleys and bountiful hills which jutted straight into the ceiling.

The female student had the back of her left hand cover her eyes as she waited expectantly for the inevitable pleasure she was about to feel.

Seeing this side of her, the male student audibly gulped as moved in closer to the bed.

The male began to once again put his hands out to massage her.

His hand stroked along the upper part of her arms, neck, side of her head, her legs, and her stomach.

However, no matter how much time past, the male student wouldn't put his hands towards the female's large mounds or her secret place. Each time he slightly teases the female by placing a finger near the area, only to leave the next second.

"Ahhhnn….hah, hah….mmmm♥, didn't I say…..nnngh…♥!"

In protest, the female student started to squirm in the male student's hands. Her expression was that of a puppy wishing to be petted and played with.

"Ahhhann….hah…hah….aahhnn♥, I can't hold it any longer, chuuu~♥♥♥!!"

After being thoroughly teased and left wanting for more, it seems that the female student couldn't withstand it any longer.

With one swift motion, she stretched out her arms in order to grasp the male student's head in her embrace.

As she brought the male's head closer to her face, she places her lips on top of his and kissed him passionately.

While pecking his lips several times, she even put out her tongue and licked erotically all over the male's lips.

After his initial surprise, the male student gradually accepted his female partner's passionate advances, and even stick out his own tongue.

As if waiting for this, the female student immediately had her tongue touch his while continuously licking the inside of his entire mouth.

A French kiss!

The male and female student continued their assault upon each other mouths, their tongue twirled incessantly. Dirty and raw sounds continue to echo within the empty infirmary room.

"Chuuu~♥….chu-chu~♥….ahhnn, chuu~♥♥♥!!"

Their passionate tongue battle continues without any sign of stopping.

When the male student's tongue gently licked the inside of the female student's mouth, her body began to convulse in an obvious manner.

As the female student continues to convulse in pleasure, even her secret place began to resonate with her rising emotions.

Love juice poured incessantly from her pink slit. It was obvious that she was closed to orgasm many times when she was receiving her massage.

With a practiced hand, the male student slowly reached towards her secret place and carefully place a single finger inside her very soaked panties.


The female student instantly lifted her body in a half-bridge, her mouth let go from the male's mouth. While still in her half-bridge, her lower body twitched like mad, her panties became even further soaked her love juice.

There was no mistake. She had orgasmed spectacularly. Multiple times even.

After convulsing for a short while, she heavily laid back onto the bed. Her breathing erratic as she continued to soak in after effects from orgasming so hard.


Seeing the erotic face of his female partner in heat, a certain part of the male student began to react.

Noticing the state that her male partner is in, the female student gently laid her hands upon the tent that a certain part of his body made.

"…fufufu…you can't wait can, you? It's fine….come♥"

Hearing her words, the male student finally couldn't take it any longer.

With on swift motion, he unbuckled and unzipped his pant releasing his beast within. His size could be compared to some male porn stars, its pulsing and extremely hard appearance reveals the male student's every intention of plunging deep into the female student's secret place all the way until the hilt.

Next, he carefully removed the wet panties from the female student only to throw it carelessly onto the floor. He immediately moved himself into a position where he was between the female student's legs.

The missionary position.

After rubbing his cock onto her very wet and pink slit, he slowly and carefully forced his entire rod straight into her. He could feel his cock pierce something precious.

"Nnnnnnaaagh♥, ahhnnnn♥….feels sooo goood---♥♥♥!!"

Although she had offered her first time to the male student, where there should have been pain, all she could feel was an intense pleasure.

With coquettish screams, the male began to thrust increasingly rapidly, his balls making contact multiple times against her firm buttocks. The female student's vaginal walls clamped strongly upon the male's rod as if telling she won't ever let go.

Having one of his hands holding her hips, the male student stuck his other hand onto the female student's huge breast. Casually unbuttoning her shirt with one hand while taking off her bra, he instantly released her bare melons out into the open.

With a gentle caress, he softly squeezed her breast while simultaneously pinched and played with her nipple. Each time he touched her sensitive areas, she lets out more screams of pleasure.

Since she was teased multiple times due to her partner's gentle caresses, the female student had been orgasming all this time.

The male student didn't fare much better. Having seen and heard the female student's erotic appearance and screams, plus the feeling of her vagina squeezing so hard on his cock, he is about to explode any second now.

"OOoohhhhh!!!!....urrrghh!!…..I'm about to cum!"

"Ahhhhnnn♥…..ahhnn♥, ahaannn♥…..mmmgh….it's okay, cum….cum inside of me---♥♥♥!!"

"Gggghhh…..here I go!! I'm cumming inside, ngh~~!!"

After confirming each other's feelings, the climax draws ever closer.

With one final thrust, the male student slightly lifted the female student's buttocks in the air as he let out his load.



As the female student's womb was filled with the brim with his cum, she orgasmed harder than she ever did before.

Without taking out his cock, the male student laid on top of the female student in exhaustion.

With their faces closer together, their lips once again join as they do a deep slow kiss.

The sound of their lovemaking continues to break the silence.



Conditions have been met.

The System was able to level up by 1.

Thank you for your continued patronage for using the Ero Masseuse System.


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