1 The colour difference

Long time ago, black people were treated so bad as if there animals even worse a curse from God.Really this caused alot of sufferings, people lost their family members,imagine putting urself in their place.

Black people still fought for their independence and won thought for me really nothing has changed . I can assure u racism is still going on because , we are killed separed from the white community really this hurts so much. Just imagine what would u tell a kid of 9 months that ur Dad or mom was killed because of her colour. I think these world health organizations should first stop providing help to Africans and start teaching us how to construct a plane not to fly it. I really hope seeing Africa not considered again as a dark continent but as a continent where people are able of everything. Why colour please we dont deserve to be called" niggas " or animals . YES WE CAN BE CALLED BLACKS BUT I CAN ASSURE WHO EVER IS READING THIS THAT THE WILL LOOK AT AND REGRET TO HAVE TREATED US BADLY