THE RICHMAN (English Version) Book

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THE RICHMAN (English Version)


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Christabell, that is my name. I was born to a woman who even until now I did not know her. I grew up in an orphanage and devote myself to helping nursing mothers to take care of the other kids until I was twenty years old. That day a woman came and offered a promising job. Among the few girls there she chose me and I could not refuse to go with her. And since then my life has changed. Here, in the agency, I wear beautiful clothes, fancy jewelry and I can even wear all the items from famous brands in every look I have. Not to dance, or sing, but to give sexual satisfaction to a man who pay the price. I was stranded in an agency where I was sold as a prostitute, A horrible thing that I never imagined. But in my first debut, a man came and paid a million dollars to have sex with me. What a crazy man. He won the auction and he took me to the VVIP room because of the fantastic amount of money he paid. But strangely he did not touch me at all until his time was up. And when he left, I only realized if he had just stolen my heart. The man who called RICHMAN *** Their love story begins with a fantastic auction price won by Richard for a night's satisfaction with the innocent girl. And the next story will make the reader feel like being taken in a rolercoaster because the love journey between Christabell and Richard is not easy.


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