The Rich Man Who Loved Me Book

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The Rich Man Who Loved Me


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Tika doesn't know that her adopted brother during college was going to marry her, first, she knew that Farhan was rich before they got married because of an incident, Tika almost failed to marry the man Farhan matched for Tika. So Farhan hastily took over the groom's place and quickly became Tika's husband, like a turbo. And Tika realizes that her husband is not only rich but so rich that Tika feels like fainting, from the owner of a famous restaurant whose restaurant branches already exist in Southeast Asia, owning the largest stake in the Sandiego mall to owning acres of land planted with vegetables. supplier specifically to my brother's branch restaurant in Indonesia. Truly, Tika turns out to be married to a tycoon who looks normal from the cover, then their drama-filled love story will be filled with hatred, revenge, disapproval, and rejected love. So whether Tika and Farhan can survive in a turbulent household over their previously unresolved problems, or choose to give up and leave each other. Let's follow the story and read their story.


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