1 The beginning of the worst day

There is said to be legends of dragons. Legends that just sound like bedtime stories, Legends you tell kids to scare them away, or Legends that are use for research.

But you never imagine them being true, into your up on a mountain on a island in the middle of nowhere.

"Lian are you gonna come or just keep staring" I had gotten to deep in my thoughts I forgot we where already at the entrance of the cave. I looked over and ran jumping off: grabbing on to the rope sliding off.

"One day your gonna get hurt Lian" as I got back to ground and looked over to my mother, Lui Sama. Her beautiful white hair was on a high ponytail that went all the way to her tiny waist and her grey stormy eyes where eyes you could get lost into. Her skin was as smooth as silk and her pink cheeks just made everything better. I smiled and laughed. As if she herself didn't know how good I was.

"You know I'm to good even better than you" i smirked as my mom looked at me with an evil face "ohhh we'll see once where home your on for a battle" I took it as a challenge. I couldn't help but smile at the idea of battles, it was just something we always did.

As we walked into the dark cave we slowly started seeing light after going more deep in. The cave was full of gems, beautiful gems that where many colors, probably all the colors you could think off. But that wasn't what was lightning up, as we got closer we realized the white crystal shining. It was like someone's soul was out of their body like a spirit or something but it was beautiful. It was placed on at the top of many bones. Human bones. Chills went down my spine as if i was being pulled towards something.

"This is it. The dragon crystal" Lui Sama started making her way over. "I knew that the legends said a tribe use to be the keepers of the stone but I never imagined this" bones laying around. Meanwhile I decided to go around exploring the cave not very far from Lui Sama. I came around the cave to find a waterfall. Inside the cave. The water was so blue it was like lighting the whole place. I looked up and it was like there was stars at the top of the cave I remember the legends of the dragons and how people use to have the Dragon powers, powers that could heal people, give you better eye vision, give you better hearing, and give you dragon fire.

Honestly I didn't know what to think, just imagining what I would do with those powers. I wouldn't know how to act.

Soon we headed back to the boat with the crystal on hand. Meanwhile I myself had gotten myself some pretty gems, just thinking about what I would wanna do with them excite me. As I was putting them away I heard my mom talk to someone on the phone.

"Yes Chang Im telling you I found it my research was right all along" ugh just the though about my mom talking to Wang Chang made me gang, DONT get me wrong I don't have hate towards people just because. But her I could not tolerate, I never saw what my mother saw in her as a friend. She many times has use my mothers name to protect herself and made my mom get her and her husband out of trouble.

"I'll see you then" I stepped into the room and looked at her. Seriously. "Why do you have to tell her everything. She only cares about money" Lui Sama knew that her friend only cared about that but she was always to nice and was never able to cut people off just cause even if they caused her pain. "Try and be nice she's meeting us before we get home with her husband"

I couldn't stop but think about her. In everyone's eyes what attracted them towards her was her body. Her big boobs that where double ds and her huge ass and small waist that made everything just snap together, not even her face was pretty though most of the time she covered it up with makeup lots of it. She was a doll. Eww. I went to lay down to get sum rest, slowly feeling my eyes get heavy.

I woke up to a loud nose like a gunshot, something was going on. I got up still half asleep rubbing my eyes and went upstairs to the open. Then I heard it again "BANG"

I ran to where I heard it and saw our bodyguards on the floor. There was blood everywhere, and the pilot was also dead, I looked from the floor up to see Wang Chang. What is going on my mother was running towards me with a gun on her hand and the crystal "take the crystal and don't you dare give it to her" she had blood in her face. Fear. It's that type of fear when your scared to lose someone you love not the fear of scared to die but scared that someone you love will die.

"I have been nice to you for so long, but I don't need you no more. You did it. You found the crystal and now it's going to be mine" I looked over at Chang and as she aimed the gun towards us. I closed my eyes ready to and be at the other side. I never thought it would end this way. I never fell in love, never got to go to university. Never had my first kiss. And I will never have a family of my own. Within moments I heard it "BANG" I felt something push me.

I fell to the ground hitting my head against the floor. I open my eyes and see fogginess I couldn't concentrate all the way. I lifted my hand up to my head and felt hotness just running down, I looked and it was all blood. I looked over and saw the worst thing. My heart dropped.

"MOM" I went over to her trying to get a pulse but nothing "NO NO!!" I felt my whole world just break down. The pain of being stabbed in the heart. The pain of just wanting to curl up and not move. I looked up to meet eyes with Wang. Anger is what took over. Revenge is what took over. I could feel the hate the pain of wanting someone dead.

"See she got in the way. If you give me the crystal I won't kill you. I promise" Wang had the evil smile on her the smile where you finally got it.

" I was always so envious of your family. She had it all. Everything I wanted. The man. The money. The family. She stole that from me the minute she decided to also go after him" my father Lui Sheng. My father was an incredible husband a perfect father to me and my sister. He had beautiful black hair and icy blue eyes, he was tall and well built his face was perfecting in other woman's eyes. "Your a reminder of what I lost. Having your father's perfect black hair and your moms grey eyes. To bad you had to end like this" I looked up and aimed shooting first "BANG"

"You fucking child. You won't get away with this" everyone looked over surprised. "Well what are you waiting for kill her"

I picked up the crystal as it started pouring of rain and ran off to the front of the boat. I then realize I was surrounded. So I did what I had to do. I jumped off into the deep ocean. I knew if I went back up they would just shoot so I sinked to the bottom, and all there was around me was nothing. I looked up and noticed they had left so with that I went back up. I was a good swimmer but I think at the end we all knew no one can really hold on for a long time.

The crystal was heavy. It was the size of my hand. Even though my hand wasn't really that big the crystal to me was big. The sky had gotten dark and all I could think about was the worst case scenario.

A storm.

There was big waves all of a sudden taking me deep into the open. Feelings the burning of the water filling up my lungs.

My eyes closed and all I could think about was my mom, how she had died because of me. If only I would've gotten out of the way. If only my head was focus more on what was going on than my negative thoughts.

I would never see my sisters again. My brother. My father. I could picture them smiling. But what would change once they found out.

My eyes started closing and as much as I tried I couldn't keep them open. The deep sea took me in. And right before I could go. The white crystal started shinning bright I could see white light wrap around me. Like warm sunlight I no longer felt cold.

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