The Revelation Of Mankind
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The Revelation Of Mankind


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What is The Revelation Of Mankind

Read The Revelation Of Mankind novel written by the author BlindBandit on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, modern, system, fantasy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


With the Revelation of the End of the World was prophesied. The Myths, Tales, and Legends that our ancestors passed down from generation to generation have begun. The Earth's water rise above the mountains. Plants and trees fill with dew and blood. The ground shattered and quacked. Buildings crumbled and destroyed. The dead will rise and sit upon their tombs. Every beast will tremble and look to heaven. A voice speaks from the Earth below, reaching the sky above, begging God for mercy. The Angels tremble and the Demons lament. Four winds will rise and the rainbow falls, driving the Demons back to Hell. The four elements cry in unison: "Mercy, Jesus, Son of Mary, as you are God and King of Heaven!" Waking up to be faced with legions of enemies, Bryan Godfrey sat on top of a hill of corpses, bathed in blood, while gazing out into the horizon, murmuring ruefully, "Will this ever end?" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Per week, I publish 4-6 chapters. Each chapter contains 1000-1500 words or more. I'm a novice author who is still learning and writes as a hobby, thus I make mistakes. So please accept my sincerest apologies whether this happens. And do not be timid about voicing your confusion or pointing out any grammatical errors. If you'd like, you're free to drop by. I read every single comment. Naturally, there are some topics I cannot discuss. For instance, if someone points out an inconsistency and I don't respond, it's most likely there for a reason. Enough of my rambling, Everyone, please stay safe, and thank you for taking the time to read. Much love and care, The author, BlindBandit

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Quick author review: Personally, I gave this story a mature, game-like system, bearing in mind the novel's emphasis on gruesome tragedies. The MC, on the other hand, is not your conventional hero rescuing the damsel in distress, but rather an average guy who makes important decisions. "FAIR WARNING" He's not a good guy, but he's also not a bad guy either; it all depends on the scenario. Unless, of course, you read it and judge it for yourself. I've created him as an intellectual male protagonist to the highest standard of my caveman's brain, while also having not too broken talents and limited plot armor. I'm aiming to make this novel as immersive as possible, therefore his plot armor gets thrown away. So, if you prefer heroes or overpowered MC'S, then I'm sorry but I like to take it slow. Of course, as the story progresses, I'll spice up his abilities. Much love, The Author For the release date: Monday-Sunday, 11:30 p.m. (GMT+8)


Quick author review: If the release date and time do not match. Then graciously accept my sincerest apologies to everyone. Because if it does occur. Then I was preoccupied with robbing merchants during that time in order to steal some books for college since this poor little bandit needed to pass. As a result, consider this a future apology to future readers. Once again. Do be careful and keep an eye out for the legendary bandit who is on the run. By the author: BlindBandit


The reckoning of human eyy? I am always up for a good old fashioned apocalypse novel. Is this novel inspired by biblical myths and then video games? Welp maybe I misunderstood. But one thing I know, is that the characters here have punny names, and the MC is willing to learn and grow and be ruthless if that's what matters.


This story revolves around a teenager trying to survive in an apocalypse world with religious overtones set with modern and fantasy elements. The first chapter does a good job of setting the horror one will find upon waking up to Judgement Day, and the feeling remains consistent throughout the rest of the chapters. The writing could use some polishing here and there, but otherwise it is enjoyable.


I read all the chapters released so far and I believe this is very interesting. I felt sad, and laughed at the same time. please keep up the good work! you have a very good idea here!


Background is great. Writing quality is noteworhty. Story development is solid and tension is there. Plot is creative. Characters are great and the dialogue is superb. I would have liked to see a bit more description of how the characters looked and what the setting looked like. The world background seems to be solid and well fleshed out. Good job.


The epilogues are the crucial foundation to this book. The way the author tried to explain the world background is very detailed, and this has helped for the development of the further story. I can't seem to take my focus away from the book, the plot is too intriguing and the characters are awesome!!!! Great Work!!!


Very descriptive and gory, Right up to my taste. Though it was a slow-paced novel, it's very nice to read nonetheless. Good luck on your journey author! I wish you the best.


I don't usually read these kinds of novels as I would be scared for my life. But, what the heck I gave it a shot, and hartie-har har, I've now petrified. Thanks, author!


Simply amazing, good background, characters are lifelike, no grammatical errors, and most especially, very horrifying to read at night and entertaining. !! It's a great book. I recommend.


It's great, and there is plenty of it to read for now since the author is generous! The story is compelling and the idea is refreshing and all of that is packaged in a giftbox of great writing, unique pacing and immense potential. I wish you the best of luck, author and great work for pumping out such good content! Read it! Have a good day!


Didn't see any errors from it. Well-descriptive narration. The title and the prologue is hooking enough for the readers to read the book. give this a read, everyone!


Wow!!! The cover page is stunning! The synopsis is short, but gives an idea of what to expect from the story and makes the reader interested in the plot. The story is really dark... and nicely written. Well done!


Oh my god! This is an incredibly distinct book. The beginning chapters were full of paranormal activity and terrifying to read. I was so scared of what would happen next as I am afraid of horror stories, but I just couldn't stop reading due to the catchy storyline. The writing style is very descriptive, and the author's imaginations are out of this world. All these spark the readers' curiosity. Nice job on creating such a distinct piece, author.💕


Good stuff you got going here! The opening was quite bizarre in terms of description, leaving me a bit confused at times, but it set a good tone for the rest of the story. Keep up the good work!


This story had an intriguing start and the writing quality is great. The pacing of the story is a bit slow. But I guess it is needed for character and relationship building. You have a good story here! Keep on updating! :)


Your work was really wholesome the story and the idea was hooking I loved the way you explained every little thing and there were few punctuation errors just fix them and it's beyond perfect Good work author


What's about this novel? I got interested in the first part. Can you tell me more and I'm proud of you that you mention the Philippines😅. For the readers who want to read this, there's no problem with the grammar in the first quarter.


I like a good book that plays with your emotions. I laughed, was sad and even felt angry in this one. What a fantastic control of the readers emotions. It is really worth trying out.


I have not gone too far in this book,but it has a certain catchy element. That make you want to read more, the story development is top notch. Well-done👍 I would definitely want to see June and Bryan love develop too with each chapter. Added to my library 😉


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