1 The Return of the Great Emperor

"Where am I?"

"Who the hell am I?"

A coffin in the Lu family cemetery was shaking as if pulled by some force and suddenly a thunderbolt struck above it.

The coffin splintered into pieces and a pale young man climbed up from it.

He stared around with confusion and strangeness in his eyes.

It took him a long time before he sighed deeply.

"I never thought I'd be reborn."

"And reborn 3,000 years later."

His name was Lu Xuan, and he was originally a Martial Emperor of the Star Continent who had swept almost the entire continent without a single opponent three thousand years ago. Likewise, his power brought him fame, status, power, and women.

You could say that all the desires of a man's life are fulfilled by him.

But there was one thing he wasn't satisfied with, and that was immortality. Even a great emperor like him couldn't be immortal, so he chose to explore the ancient ruins, and after nine deaths and a lifetime, he gained the secret of immortality.

But he never imagined that the woman he loved most would rise up against him the moment he stepped out of the ruins, along with his best brother.

I was unprepared for their surprise attack and died in disgrace.

"I've been treating you well for thousands of years and it's not even as important as the secret of immortality. Have you ever thought that when I got the secret of immortality, the first person I wanted to share it with was you?"

Lu Xuan smiled miserably with a gust of depression in his eyes.

In his whole life, he has always been invincible and had few friends. Qinglian was his only confidante. To be with her, Lu Xuan decided to wander the ancient ruins alone.

"They say a woman's heart is poisoned, and now it was true!"

In Lu Xuan's eyes, the pathos will converge to reveal the cold light. The corners of his mouth are holding up a dangerous arc. A horrifying murderous aura suddenly released from the body, plus a terrifying and frightening face has a few points to go back for revenge.

But fortunately...

As soon as Lu Xuan had acquired the Secret of Immortality, through a drop of blood, he had made this treasure recognize its owner.

It's a small pearl called the Xuanhuang Pearl and it's because of it that Lu Xuan didn't die, only a wisp of his soul was left to nurture in it.

It took Lu Xuan's soul three thousand years to reach the point where he could have woken up, if not for the unfortunate man named Lu Xuan, who had disturbed himself.

It's a fusion of the two.

He was the eldest youngest of the Lu family whose father's name was Lu Shan and was the patriarch of a small, prestigious family in Wushan Town.

In a small town like Wushan, the father, Lu Shan, is a typical landowner and this body is a typical landowner's stupid son.

Lu Shan spent a lot of money and connections to send Lu Xuan to the Red Vault Empire's Spirit Sky Academy for his stupid son.

The result is that this foolish son is not only dull but also unmotivated, idle all day long, and is still stuck in the realm of the second layer of mortal life.

Two days ago, he was warned and almost kicked out of the academy. Lu Shan sent gifts and smiles and apologized before bailing out his son who didn't deserve it.

"I can't believe I'm in the body of a loser." Lu Xuan felt quite helpless.

The path of martial arts was divided into several stages.

Mortal life alone could be divided into nine stages.

Ordinary people, if they were willing to work hard, could always reach the fifth level in eight to ten years, but this Young Master Lu, who was almost eighteen years old, was still at the second level of Mortal Life.

I have to say...it's a real loser.

"Let's get out of this cemetery first." Lu Xuan patted the dust on his body and prepared to leave.

Just then a voice came out of nowhere.

"Lu Xuan, are you really still here?"

Only a pretty woman in a maid's uniform walked over. This woman had a pretty face and long hair, and if she wasn't wearing a maid's uniform, people would have thought she was a lady of some famous family.

The girl's name was Abi, and she was Lu Xuan's fiancée's little maid, and she was the one who passed the word between them regularly.

Lu Xuan was displeased to see her call himself by his first name. A mere servant girl calling his master by his first name is too presumptuous.

But he has not yet been reborn for long and his memory has not yet been fused nor did he care much about it, just coldly glanced and responded: "What is it?"

Those eyes were as deep as a giant whirlpool, and one could get lost in them.

Abi's heart jumped, only being so lightly glanced at by Lu Xuan, she felt cold all over her body, as if she was facing a second-grade demon beast, making her unable to put up any resistance.

"Young Master Lu Lu." Abi involuntarily changed his title. "Your Highness invites you to the front of the house."

It's hard to pass on a message. That's no different from the usual.

Lu Xuan coldly snorted and left the cemetery without responding, leaving Abi alone.

After Lu Xuan left, Abi directly sat paralyzed on the ground for half a day, it was too scary, that useless youngest of the Lu family hadn't finished a day yet, how could his momentum become so powerful, he was just a scrap at the second level of mortal life, and his momentum could even compare to the legendary great demon beast.

It was fortunate that although Abi was a maid, she also had the cultivation of the third level of Mortal Life, or else she might really be scared to pee and go home to change her pants after being stared at like that by Lu Xuan.

"Fiancée Han Zhiyun?" It took Lu Xuan some time to fuse his memories before he remembered who his fiancée really was.

In the memory, this scrap of a youngster of the Lu family really did have an incredibly beautiful fiancée, and a long time ago, when the Lu family was as powerful as ever, he had set up a marriage for Lu Xuan, but they were both still young and had a good relationship, so they were treated as an ordinary doll's marriage.

But then, after the two of them officially stepped into the path of martial arts, their talent for cultivation slowly manifested itself, and Han Zhiyun slowly began to have less contact with Lu Xuan, so much so that the two of them actually relied on a maid to transmit their conversations.

"Now that I've been reborn, it's time to cut off this bad karma."

After making up his mind, Lu Xuan quickened his pace.

When he arrived in front of the Lu residence, he saw a girl in a white dress standing there.

This girl is Lu Xuan's fiancée, Han Zhi Yun.

"You're here." Han Zhiyun looked at the dust on Lu Xuan's body with a strange face: "Did you really spend a night in that coffin?"


Lu Xuan pondered for a moment and memory emerged.

The reason why this Young Master of the Lu Family was suddenly lying in a coffin was all because of Han Zhiyun's casual joke about the Nine Stars and the Sky-Dog eclipse of the moon, that by lying in the heaviest place of yin, even the most rubbish talent could soar, saving decades of hard work.

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It was originally a joke, but after a couple of turns in his skull, it became a fact.

With the obvious result of a vengeful emperor crawling out of his coffin!

Lu Xuan looked at her oddly, if not for her joke, he would have been asleep for countless years.

"It's just that you won't be punished for teasing the Emperor."

In just a moment, Han Zhiyun had walked through the gates of hell and was still saying, without noticing it herself: "Lu Xuan, I have something to tell you."

"Just as well, I also have something to tell you." Lu Xuan's eyes turned from cold to indifferent, his memories were almost fused, and he was beginning to adapt to his identity, at this time, he was not the all-powerful emperor for the time being, and it was necessary to cultivate at ease for a while to fit into the role of Lu Xuan.

So he opened his mouth and said faintly, "Go ahead, I'll talk about it later."

Though he was doing his best to keep his emotions in check, the aloofness and detachment in his bones couldn't be changed.

Fortunately, Han Zhiyun had something on her mind, or else she would have been able to tell right away that Lu Xuan was not in the right mood.

"Lu Xuan, let's break up." Han Zhiyun suddenly spoke with a tone of determination unprecedented.

But Lu Xuan's first reaction upon hearing this was not anger but strangeness.

What it's like to be robbed of your lines.

Lu Xuan was now finally able to answer.

This was his original line but it came out of the mouth of Han Zhiyun with a bit of irony in it.

"So that's why you called me here?"Lu Xuan's face was as normal as ever, and he didn't feel dejected after being dumped.

For some reason, not being able to see Lu Xuan's surprised or angry expression, Han Zhiyun somehow felt that something was wrong, but she still spoke, "Good, Lu Xuan I think there are some things I should clear up with you, although your father and my father are good friends, you should know the difference between the two of us."

"difference?" Lu Xuan couldn't help but be amused.

"You're just a useless youngster who was almost kicked out of the academy!" Han Zhiyun was merciless: "I'm different, I'm gifted and intelligent, my looks are too good to be true, just yesterday, the empire's strongest sect, the Returning Clouds Sect has thrown me an olive branch, my future achievements are immeasurable, and how can I be trapped by you, a small scrap of wood, die in this frontier backward Wu Shan Town, nesting in a life!"

"Wake up Lu Xuan, you are a toad on the ground and I am a noble white swan, the two of us are not destined to be of the same world. Now get together and part ways, we may still be ordinary friends in the future, let go, don't make a scene."

A series of bombardments by Han Zhiyun left Lu Xuan somewhat baffled, but after digesting it for a while, he finally understood what Han Zhiyun meant, and all in all, he, the Great Emperor, was not worthy of her, the fifth layer of mortal life Gryphon.

"Fine, then I wish you bright prospects in the future." Lu Xuan nodded and said calmly.

After saying that, Lu Xuan was ready to turn around and leave, when Han Zhiyun suddenly remembered something and said, "Slow down, didn't you just have something to say to me? You tell me."

"It's nothing really, it's pretty much the same as what you just said, only you got ahead of me so I don't have to repeat it." Lu Xuan shrugged his shoulders.

"One more thing, there's a good line in what you just said."

"Indeed, we're not of the same world, it's not that I, Lu Xuan, am not good enough for you, it's that you, Han Zhi Wan, can't reach me, Lu Xuan!"

"Not to mention your little Returning Cloud Sect, even the entire Red Vault Empire, the entire Star Continent! And what do I care?"

"Your so-called superiority is worthless in my eyes!"

"You're too short-sighted to see more than an acre of the Empire, and what I see is beyond your reach for the rest of your life."

Ignoring Han Zhiyun's startled expression, Lu Xuan turned around and leisurely departed.

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