LUO YAN woke up very happy and excited.  Because today was the start of the two-day preliminaries for the Rookie Carnival.  They had to go to Safehaven Harbor before 12 in the afternoon.  But before that, their team would meet at their headquarters first.  They already talked about it on the group chat last night. 

He raised his hand and was about to open the door of his room when his sight landed on the red-string bracelet on his wrist.  He smiled unconsciously seeing it.  Somehow, he suddenly couldn't wait to see Shen Ji Yun in the game.

Speaking of the game, before going to vacation, he and Shen Ji Yun forgot to do some in-game things.  One, they still hadn't taken the rewards for finishing the 'Finnea's Curse' task.  And two, they hadn't told what they discovered to the leader of Crimson Corps.  Because instead of doing those two things, they went straight to Tropical Land to have a date. 

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