"I WAITED at the apartment for him to return.  I couldn't just leave.  I wanted to talk to him once more.  Beg him to change his mind.  But maybe he knew that I would wait there, so, by evening he still hadn't return.  I had to go.  Because I was worried that he would spend his night outside.  Your Uncle Yue, you know, he doesn't sleep well when he's in an unfamiliar environment.  So, I left, thinking that I could still talk to him the next morning.  But who knew that I wouldn't have that chance at all."

Shen Yi Mu took a deep breath after he told all that.  The pain that he felt that day assaulted him once again.  His chest tightened and his breath became hurried.  He closed his eyes and tried to calm himself.  If he immersed himself in that pain, he probably wouldn't be able to continue to tell his story.

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