SHEN JI YUN was a bit surprised hearing that.  In his cognition, something as important as a confession should be done in a grand gesture.  That way, you could show the person you like just how much you liked them. 

His uncle's confession was almost like it came out of the blue.  But he also understood why he did that.  Because it was simply that 'moment'.  A moment when one just needed to bear open their feelings to the person they liked.  If they didn't do that, then that moment would simply be lost and they probably wouldn't have another chance to tell that special person how important they were to them.

If he was in the same situation, he might also grab that moment and just confess the hell out of it. 

"Then, how did Uncle Yue answer Uncle's confession?" he just asked.

"Well, he didn't.  He was quite shocked that he didn't even managed to say anything," Shen Yi Mu said, scratching his cheek.

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